AI News, Dyslexia does not reduce pass rates for UK GP licensing exam

Dyslexia does not reduce pass rates for UK GP licensing exam

Researchers examined pass rates of doctors-in-training who had taken the AKT and found that, once other factors linked to exam success were taken into account, those who declare dyslexia prior to taking their exams do not have lower pass rates.

Factors linked to exam success such as age, sex, ethnicity, country of primary medical qualification, stage of training, number of attempts, and the time spent completing tests were taken into account.

Features of dyslexia in adults can include problems with recall, reading, time management and task prioritisation which can make high stakes, multiple choice examinations like the mandatory AKT challenging.

Lead researcher, Dr Zahid Asghar, Senior Lecturer in statistics at the University of Lincoln said: 'Our research has found that, once the candidates' age, gender, stage of training and other demographic traits are taken into account, dyslexia is not associated with lower pass rates in the AKT.

'The findings have highlighted that we need to look in more detail at screening and educational support for doctors with dyslexia, in particular those from minority ethnic groups, to remove potential barriers and create an inclusive training environment.

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