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The Future of AI Sex Toys: Pros and Cons, Gaps and Problems

Can’t buy me love, love Can’t buy me love… Half a century ago Lennon and McCartney believed so.

AI-powered sex toys are relatively new stuff nowadays and their aim is to apply advanced concepts of machine learning to transform our sexual experience.

Thanks to the sensors in sensitive parts of their bodies, these sex robots can experience pleasure and show a whole spectrum of human-like reactions in turn.

Nevertheless, from smart sex toys to bots that offer companionship and sex, this reality is boosting business for companies rushing to develop products.

Modern AI-driven systems allow you to automate any process, starting from the self-driving car and ends with controlling all the objects in your home with your voice.

Former sex dolls are endowed with artificial intelligence and become real robots that not only replace or imitate real sexual partners, but also become life companions showing their memory, feelings, character, and emotions.

But company representatives say that robots will be quite primitive, because entrepreneurs are not interested in completely replacing human technology, but only create products for adults.

Also, with thousands of possible combinations of clothes, looks, personalities, you can customize for the perfect companion right on your mobile device.

She smiles, blinks and frowns, can keep up the conversation, joke, and quote Shakespeare, recognize faces and remember birthdays, eating habits, names.

The first owner of Harmony, a 60-year-old divorced father of two, was disappointed in finding a real companion and believes such inventions could well be the subject of human relations in the future.

Equipped with cutting-edge AI technologies, such a human-like robot can have a choice of one of the hundreds of different voices, conduct a full dialogue, remember the preferences of its user, his date of birth, and even imitate an orgasm.

Sergi Santos, her Spanish inventor claims the doll is able to respond to touch and hugs, and also remembers her “partners”, and builds an individual line of communication with each of them.

If the owner touches, for example, her hips, an “intelligent” sex doll encourages him with the phrases “I love this” and “you are good and gentle” that she chants.

Autoblow AI — an ‘oral sex toy’ for men Auotoblow AI is the male sex toy that uses artificial intelligence to teach a sex toy how to give a porn-quality blowjob.

The developers of this gadget claim they have watched over 6000 minutes of porn to create data points that’ll do all the work for you, mimicking a real-life situation.

While some consider the sex tech industry as a new venture designed to enhance and innovate human sexuality, others believe it will disrupt our perception of love.

As far as such machines are programmed to know everything about sex and establish psychological contact with a person, AI sex dolls can save us from complexes.

And just for the record, here is a list of possible symptoms you can feel while having a psychological addiction: guilt, shame, fear, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder and more.

At the same time, there is still no scientific research that could prove or disprove the danger of sex robots to human health, but with the development and scaling of technology, it will soon be possible to draw the first conclusions.

We don’t know what kind of addiction AI sex dolls might bring… and there are also other things we don’t know yet, but I think we definitely need to think and worry about it now.