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Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Renewed Growth at NVIDIA

AI is powering incredible operational changes, providing better insight on decision making, automating monotonous and soul-crushing tasks to free people's time for higher-level activity, and saving businesses money.

Though most investors think of NVIDIA as the graphics processor unit (GPU) designer for high-end video gaming (which it most certainly is), it's often forgotten that much of NVIDIA's current cutting-edge work is because of video games.

With the busy holiday shopping season here and nearly all video game developers having adopted ray-tracing technology, gaming laptops and PCs (as well as workstations for graphic artists and other creative professionals) are hot items.

In other segment news, the promising auto business was weak during the quarter, but management said that half of that revenue is still legacy auto infotainment, which has been declining as the space has gotten crowded and commoditized.

With video games taking the spotlight as far as numbers go, what's all the hubbub about AI -- especially given that the data center and auto segments are responsible for most of the AI business?

The AI models running the programming are incredibly complex -- Huang said they usually have 10 to 20 times, sometimes 100 times, more parameters than running an image and video.

NVIDIA's technology is helping fuel change across industries worth tens of trillions of dollars a year, so the expectation that AI will eventually itself become a multitrillion-dollar-a-year industry isn't so far-fetched.

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