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Tron price soars as Justin Sun claims ‘big win for blockchain community’

Leading blockchain artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer SingularityNET is launching a mentoring and support package for start-ups in the industry.

They added: “SingularityNET aims to expand its market share in terms of the type of AI services that are being deployed and build a broader community that is willing to support AI entrepreneurs through the considerable commercial, logistical, and managerial challenges their ideas will face.” Companies and entrepreneurs wishing to take part in the SingularityNET X-Lab Acceleration program can apply by filling out this form.

Could Autonomous Car Technology and AI Transform Homecare for the Elderly?

Today, with the world’s population over 60 expected to more than double by 2050, growing faster than all other younger groups, the need for more innovative, scalable approaches to care is more critical than ever.

That’s why UK-based start-up Cera Care is committed to providing high quality at-home care designed to enable people to live freely and independently for as long as possible.

But because LiDAR doesn’t recognize personal characteristics, it is much less invasive than other high-definition technologies such as cameras, while potentially much more accurate than other approaches that use motion and pressure sensors.

IBM Watson’s machine learning capabilities can learn an individual’s daily routine, make recommendations so that carers can enhance care plans, and alert caregivers and medical personnel to possible deteriorations in a person’s health (such as changes in gait) or emergency situations (such as a fall).

We firmly believe that technology will enable more personalized and sustainable home care systems in the years to come, and our experience tells us that individuals and caregivers are usually quite open to using it.

In care services where human-to-human interactions are essential, AI has the power to enhance and maintain a high-quality of care with manageable costs in environments in which people feel happiest.

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