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MORE THAN 100 ‘INDIAN ACT’ CORPORATIONS OF CANADA First Nations could purchase the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline. THIS IS A HOSTILE TAKEOVER BID OF OUR LAND AND RESOURCES.

“And whereas on the 7th day of July, 1902, before the determination of the last two of the said appeals, it had been agreed between counsel for the Governments of the Dominion of Canada and the Province of Ontario, respectively, that, as a matter of policy and convenience, and without thereby affecting the constitutional or legal rights of either of the said Governments, the Government of the Dominion of Canada should have full power and authority to sell, lease and convey title in fee simple or for any less estate to any lands forming part of any Reserve thereafter surrendered by the Indians, and that any such sales, leases or other conveyances as had theretofore been made by the said Government should be confirmed by the Province of Ontario, the Dominion of Canada, how-ever, holding the proceeds of any lands so sold, leased or conveyed subject, upon the extinction of the Indian interest therein and so far as such proceeds had been converted into money, to s .

The Indian Lands Acts implemented the “extinction” of the Indian interest in the reserves by murder or assimilation as the law of Canada.   “Reserves set aside for the Indians under a certain treaty made in 1873 and recited in the Schedule to the Dominion Statute, 54-55 Victoria, chapter 5, and the Statute of the Province of Ontario, 54 Victoria, chapter 3, the precious metals should be considered to form part thereof and might be disposed of by the Dominion of Canada in the same way and subject to the same conditions as the land in which they existed, and that the question whether the precious metals in the lands included in Reserves set aside under other treaties were to be considered as forming part thereof or not, should be expressly left for decision in accordance with the circumstances and the law governing each”.  CANADA’S EXTINCTION PROGRAM 1924 .

Now the Framework Agreement will be signed by the Indian Act band councils as if we are extinguishing ourselves.  “Now this agreement witnesseth that the parties hereto, in order to settle all outstanding questions relating to Indian Reserves in the Province of Ontario, have mutually agreed, subject to the approval of the Parliament of Canada and the Legislature of the Province of Ontario, as follows”: The Indian Lands Act, 1924, was never approved and is null and void.   “1.All Indian Reserves in the Province of Ontario heretofore or here-after set aside, shall be administered by the Dominion of Canada for the benefit of the band or bands of Indians to which each may have been or may be allotted”  POW Camps are for the benefit of the band of Indians or those registered under their law.

The Indian Act band councils execute the extinction.   “Portions thereof may, upon their surrender for the purpose by the said band or bands, be sold, leased or otherwise disposed of by letters patent under the Great Seal of Canada, or otherwise under the direction of the Government of Canada, and the proceeds of such sale, lease or other disposition applied for the benefit of such band or bands, provided, however, that in the event of the band or bands to which any such Reserve has been allotted becoming extinct, or if, for any other reason, such Reserve, or any portion thereof, is declared by the Superintendent General of Indian Affairs to be no longer required for the benefit of the said band or bands, the same shall thereafter be administered by, and for the benefit of, the Province of Ontario, and any balance of the proceeds of the sale or other disposition of any portion thereof then remaining under the control of the Dominion of Canada shall, so far as the same is not still required to be applied for the benefit of the said band or bands of Indians, be paid to the Province of Ontario, together with accrued unexpended simple interest thereon”.  The Indian Lands Act is the definition of premeditated crime.

  “3.Any person authorized under the laws of the Province of Ontario to enter upon land for the purpose of prospecting for minerals thereupon shall be permitted to prospect for minerals in any Indian Reserve upon obtaining permission so to do from the Indian Agent for such Reserve and upon complying with such conditions as may be attached to such permission, and may stake out a mining claim or claims on such Reserve.”  We can use our land but Canada and the provinces want a cut of everything we do to feed our families until we are extinguished.   “4.No person not so authorized under the laws of the Province of Ontario shall be given permission to prospect for minerals upon any Indian Reserve.

The rules governing the mode of staking and the size and number of mining claims in force from time to time in the Province of Ontario or in the part thereof within which any Indian Reserve lies shall apply to the staking of mining claims on any such Reserve, but the staking of a mining claim upon any Indian Reserve shall confer no rights upon the person by whom such claim is staked except such as may be attached to such staking by The Indian Act or other law relating to the disposition of Indian Lands.

Legally the word person is anyone other than a native American.  “6.Except as provided in the next following paragraph, one-half of the consideration payable, whether by way of purchase money, rent, royalty or otherwise, in respect of any salt, lease or other disposition of a mining claim staked as aforesaid, and, if in any other sale, lease or other disposition hereafter made of Indian Reserve lands in the Province of Ontario, any minerals are included, and the consideration for such sale, lease or other disposition was to the knowledge of the Department of Indian Affairs affected by the existence or supposed existence in the said lands of such minerals, one-half of the consideration payable in respect of any such other sale, lease or other disposition, shall forthwith upon its receipt from time to time, be paid to the Province of Ontario;

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