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However, a lot more data and analysis of that data from blockchain applications can be used to recognize discerning patterns in that data to inform the AI algorithm and yield insights.

Owners and operators of critical blockchain applications might want insurance contracts against cyber-attacks and harmful conditions and a smart contract can be used to determine when the payout event is triggered (Levine, 2014).

Privacy: Our information (social,health and public) information is stored in databases centralized with different companies which are private and public.

Blockchain can enable privacy by securely helping us store all our information only sharing what we want to share with the people whom we want to share it with.

Energy (Energy consumed by mining): Artificial intelligence for energy conservation in buildings (Dounis, Anastasios, 2010) already helps in improving energy conservation using AI.

This is a field to watch out for as AI is mature to tackle the energy problem and energy used in mining is primed for disruption.

For verification, AI can be used to select heuristic strategy automatically to need-to-prove conjecture’s features and the corresponding axioms.

Blockchain Consensus Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

Is blockchain + AI a winning combo? Yes! They are complementary technologies, and knowing how both work will make you a much more powerful developer.

Sophia the AI robot had something to say about Bitcoin!

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