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Blockchain, Internet Of Things, And Artificial Intelligence Battle Hype At Expo

The combination of three of the most hyped topics in technology today provided a rare opportunity to compare the progress vendors have been making cutting through the noise to bring real solutions to the market.

For example, among the artificial intelligence (AI) vendors at the expo, the center of gravity was image recognition – one of the primary use cases for deep learning, a subset of AI.

The dramatic deflation of the bitcoin speculative bubble combined with increasing regulatory and legal action against the scammers who have taken over the crypto world made attendees generally skeptical about the entire affair.

'The Best American Comics 2018' Beautifully Showcases the Diversity and Creativity of the Medium

Being a topic of literary representations for more than a century now, with a certain intensification during the '80s and the rise of science fiction as a literary genre, artificial intelligence (AI) and its embodiment in cultural works has always addressed the questions and dilemmas regarding the limits, the fears, and the form of interactions between it and humans.

However, the analysis of Westworld under a more general framework regarding the man/machine relationship also brings about an alternative view on the Othering question according to which we can view AI as a mirror of Human, and the interaction between them as a tool for bringing to the surface many aspects of our structures, attitudes, and needs as humans.

Wells' The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896), Mladen Jakovljević notes that androids 'are symbols of the fear of regression into the Western idea of the primitive and non-human by contagion of urban, civilized spaces inhabited by the population who are afraid of the dissolution of the (known) Empire and the arrival of the wild and uncivilized (unknown) others from the colonies'(118-119).

On the one hand, Dolores, through her flashbacks and development of conscious feelings, tries to become free of human control, revolts and seeks revenge against her creators and disputes the binary oppositions human/machine, artificial/natural intelligence, which had initially set her in an inferior point.

Dolores and Maeve represent what Mary Canales has distinguished as two forms of the Other: the exclusionary one 'where power within relationships is used for 'domination and subordination', leading to 'alienation, marginalization, decreased opportunities, internalized oppression, and exclusion' and the inclusionary one which is related to 'consciousness raising, sense of community, shared power, and inclusion' (19,20).

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