AI News, Difference between revisions of "Portal talk:Computer networks"

Difference between revisions of "Portal talk:Computer networks"

Here is a some of my favorite networking topics --Mattwj2002 17:39, 9 June 2007 (UTC)

This is a good start, but I don't think we should be strictly a resource for network vendor certification links.

I'd like to move the list of certifications and so on to a sub page, and talk about what we are/want to teach here.

I simply propose that we contact as many of the contributors as possible and try to get all of this organized into a logical whole.

Here in the Topic: namespace is where people come together to develop learning resources in the (main) namespace.

UTC Public Policy Issues

The FCC is considering a petition to realign the 900 MHz band, which many utilities use for voice and data communications to support mission critical applications that affect operational safety and reliability.  The proposed realignment would create a broadband block of spectrum in the band.  While this could provide broadband spectrum which utilities need, it also threatens to cause interference to incumbent utility networks and would force them to relocate and operate on other frequencies, which could disrupt communications, impair reliability and impose significant capital and operational costs on utilities.  On balance, the threat to utility systems in the band would outweigh the potential benefits for utilities and other CII, and UTC urges the FCC to ensure that utility systems are protected as part of any potential realignment of the band.

The FCC is considering a petition seeking to eliminate restrictions in the rules that prevent entities from applying to use private 900 MHz channels for commercial services.  Here, the petition is proposing to provide machine-to-machine (M2M) services for smart grid and other applications.  UTC opposes this petition because it threatens to deplete the availability of channels for use by utilities for private wireless communications.

(“Calix”) has created, owns and operates certain private and or limited access websites such as the “My Calix” web portal (the “Calix Portals”) to share and/or license certain Calix owned information and content for authorized users (each a “User” and collectively, “Users”) subject to these Terms of Use (“TOU”).

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CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION “Confidential Information” means all trade secrets, intellectual property rights, and other non-public information, technical data or know-how furnished with the expectation and agreement that the confidential nature of the information will be maintained which is (1) labeled as “confidential”, (2) accessed through a restricted or non-public website (i.e., requires authorized log-in credentials), (3) accessed through download of software, or (4) reasonably identifiable as confidential based on the nature of the information and/or manner of its disclosure.

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Last update: May 2017

to provide students with the training necessary to pursue a variety of I-O related

These include, but are not limited to, positions in human resources departments

job analyst, testing specialist, trainer, compensation

analyst, organizational development specialist, generalist), but also positions as

can be used as a preparation for the pursuit of doctoral training in I-O or related

As with any educational program, many graduates have found work in

educational philosophy of the program is to train students to think in a logical and

this program is organized around specific core competencies that are at the heart

of the practice of I-O psychology and in-line with recent recommendations for graduate

practice in this field, the industrial domain and the organizational domain, are evident

The industrial domain includes content such as job analysis,

content such as work motivation, organizational development, culture, and conflict

The third domain, research methodology, includes content such as univariate

and multivariate statistical analysis, experimental design, survey research and scale

In summary, the UTC I-O concentration promotes learning objectives that

include critical reasoning, ability to apply and effectively share scientific knowledge

in diverse situations, formal scientific methods and thinking, and advanced statistical

To ensure efficient and timely progress, all graduate students complete a Program

The curriculum for the UTC I-O psychology program is designed to provide students

with a truly balanced education in the science and practice of I-O psychology.

is accomplished through a combination of elements, as detailed in the Program Description portion of our website.

Students in our program have a choice of culminating curricular experience: a thesis

We strongly encourage students considering additional training

at the doctoral level to complete a thesis, which involves extensive collaboration

with a faculty member who serves as the primary thesis supervisor.

chosen in conjunction with the thesis supervisor, who then supervises the topic and

research plan development, data gathering and analysis, and final write-up and reporting

A committee of additional faculty members is also involved in evaluating

be accepted for paper presentations at regional or national conferences.

to complete a thesis, may still pursue an independent study and/or research project

These exams are typically given in early March (i.e., spring semester) of each

study and preparation, a list of exam review questions is typically distributed about

a core set of courses, as detailed in our program curriculum, there is a great deal

To maintain their status as members of the UTC I-O program, students must meet all

A graduate student’s overall performance as a member of the program will be regularly

policy that all students adhere to at least a business casual dress code for all class

Students are advised to carefully review the entire section of UTC’s Graduate Catalog for the year in which you start as a student in the program.

At the time of admission, each student is assigned a residence classification for

An important point to note about these various forms of financial support is that

making plans regarding how many credit hours to enroll in for a given semester and

also how much outside or additional work they are planning on doing in a given semester.

due to limited funding and sometimes due to work demands, GA positions are split into

is responsible for 4.5 hours of Maintenance costs (the in-state tuition charges) and

for managing your payment in whatever department or area you happen to be assigned.

related financial support issue that is important to note, is thatfor graduate

students, 5 hours minimum is required to qualify as a half-time student and 9 hours

receiving student loans, HOPE and other federal aid, as many of these forms of aid

programming and activities vary from year to year, one of its primary functions as

an organization is to award and distribute funds to support graduate students participating

Each degree seeking graduate student must complete and file a Program of Study form

For students who opt to complete a thesis as their culminating curricular experience,

there are important guidelines regarding the thesis process and composition of a thesis

Within the UTC I-O program, thesis students must complete a thesis preparation course

Soon thereafter, students should work with their thesis committee chair to ensure that their project

is successfully proposed no later than September 30th of their second and/or final

Following the completion of this thesis course, students then shift to working full-time

be a full-time faculty member in the thesis student’s department in a tenure-track

position and should have at a minimum full master’s graduate faculty status.

member of the committee must be a full-time faculty member in the thesis student’s

suitable for committee membership by the student’s department and by members of the

members, and submitting the form to the departmental degree program secretary and

Students heading into their second year in the program will be asked to submit a revised

Whenever a graduate student feels that his/her rights and interests have been seriously

jeopardized by unfair, arbitrary, or malicious exercise of faculty grading prerogative,

the student may appeal a grade within five (5) days of final grade posting for a given

Student petitions for readmission, late candidacy, extension of candidacy, course

waiver/substitution, request to take excessive hours, and requests for second extensions

Students may be dismissed from a graduate program for failure to meet course and non-course

Any act of dishonesty violates and weakens this relationship and lessens the value

UTC has several financial programs to assist graduate students with the cost of advanced

about academic merit awards (graduate assistantships) should contact the department

to pay out-of-state tuition if that program of study is not offered by the public

Please check out UTC's Academic Common Market webpage for important details about this program and how it works here at UTC.

more information about financial matters summarized here on our UTC I-O program website.

At some point here you will need help with technology-related questions.The UTC Technology Support center can help with just about every technology-related issue you might experience, including:

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