AI News, Difference between revisions of "Portal talk:Computer networks"

Difference between revisions of "Portal talk:Computer networks"

Here is a some of my favorite networking topics --Mattwj2002 17:39, 9 June 2007 (UTC)

I'd like to move the list of certifications and so on to a sub page, and talk about what we are/want to teach here.

I simply propose that we contact as many of the contributors as possible and try to get all of this organized into a logical whole.

Here in the Topic: namespace is where people come together to develop learning resources in the (main) namespace.

would suggest reorganizing this page as Computer Networks is a very huge field need to be discussed in a better way rather than what have been done currently.

After the merger performed not too long ago it is not hard to see that there are swathes of information hanging around related to various introductions to the topic of networking.

We need to come together and determine a formal structure for teaching courses related to the department of computer networks.

Information that will definitely fit into this area beneath what I have listed includes LAN, wireless networks, security, cryptography etc.

Hope to see people add to my list here and throw in some comments about the direction of this topic, doing this kind of feels like I'm talking to myself on a desert island.

We've all got commitments in life but it also heartwarming to know that your knowledge will benefit some student who can't afford higher education but is willing to learn and help himself in self improvement.

After adding a topic today, I realized that topics do not appear in standard search results.

This also presents problems in terms of proper case, as a user typing Topic:internet then won't find a Topic:Internet resource.

Wikipedia:Help desk

One of the things i need to do is to add infoboxes for so-called resources (papers, books, proceedings, archival material, etc) and to this end I am creating a template.

The easiest would be to have a template where I can add all kinds of fields and, depening on the type of resource, the user can leave certain fields empty.

So, for instance, if the resource is a book, the field 'journal' should be left empty /and/ should not show in the infobox.

Could anyone tell me what the edit count/age of account requirement is to avoid newly created articles going to AfC?

— Preceding unsigned comment added by ColeCole714 (talk • contribs) 12:23, 5 October 2018 (UTC)

I work a bit with folks at edit-a-thons and in classroom assignments where we usually have new users create an article in their sandbox and move it to article space.

I wasn’t thinking and during an edit-a-thon created an article in my own (extensively used) sandbox space, and when I moved it, it kept all of my sandbox history.

Recently I've been trying to tackle creating a quality and importance matrix and statistics table using the WP:Version 1.0 Release tools and such.

just figured out how to get the banner to sort into categories by listed quality, but it keeps putting everything in the plant categories, not the Hypericaceae categories I made.

have failed in my attempt to do the citation number 2 correctly - the date is part of the publication.

Hi Folks, after an hour search, still cant determine how to stop the auto bolding of text at the top line of a table.

In 2012 somebody was able to access that talk page to make a comment at which time somebody at wikipedia took further action, as evidenced by the email I received in 2012, the contents of which are posted above.

My question is noted in the headline of my post - I once exercised my 'right to be forgotten' and my inquiry is how to exercise my 'right to be remembered.'

The articles are totally inaccurate fabrications that are more often than not misquotes from badly written news articles.

That page was deleted pursuant to my 'request to be forgotten' after the Captain Cannabis page referencing my work was deleted and the references to my 420/Captain Cannabis comic book on the 420 wikipedia page, which had been up for 2 years, were deleted.

So I seek to have the original Verne Andru wikipedia page, created by someone other than myself, reactivated so my google knowledge panel reflects some of my work in the film industry.

Again - simply check the creation logs for Verne Andru from 2007, which you can see was around then in the Captain Cannabis talk page, and you'll discover that there was a page, it wasn't created by me and it makes reference to my film work.

recently created a page for the board game Century: Spice Road, and, at least on my screen, the infobox image looks too large (although it is low enough res to fall under fair use of non-free content), and no parameters that I add in the infobox following filename seem to have any resizing effect.

While I've been editing in article space for years and have created several articles before, I have little experience editing templates.

Krishnan Srinivasan former foreign secretary of India — Preceding unsigned comment added by Ksrinivasanuk (talk • contribs) 12:49, 7 October 2018 (UTC)

I have looked into how Wikipedia works and feel that it would be easily possible to create a Wikiproject: Prince, given his large fanbase, in which many other people could contribute to improving the Prince and related articles.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance from experienced Wikipedia editors in helping me with this--I have already left messages on the related Wikiproject talk pages, and I would be able to find other knowledgeable non-Wikipedia editors of this subject online--however I would very much appreciate some guidance from Wikipedia editors on the best ways to improve this article.

i have seen that tamil actor suriya's Wikipedia, there is a mistake in his age, please change the suriya's age, he is not 61. thank

regards saran — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:26, 7 October 2018 (UTC)

The only definitions I can find are blogs like this one,[5] which defines it as 'A cycle is a grouping of jokes that form around a specific current event.'

have accidently removed a file of Princess Eugenie on this page - trying to make it larger.

section Sorry (talk) 04:10, 8 October 2018 (UTC)

Please produce an article on bovine colostram: and the (un) Ethical Treatment of the mother cow and her baby.

There is no material to be found regarding the unethical treatment of the mother cow and her separated calf for the purpose of colostram business.

Not much on the its general composite of artificial additives fed her, subsequent to the mother cow's colostram and how that possibly effects the human consumer overall.

hello i want to ask michael healy rae for his help i live in ballyduff tralee co kerry and my house gets flooded every year all the water comes from the public road and runs down my driveway right up to my front door also my parents house is next door and the same happens to their house i tried 3 years ago with kerry council but nothing has been done i appreciate your help in the matter thank you michaela layden — Preceding unsigned comment added by Anne layden (talk • contribs) 10:34, 8 October 2018 (UTC)

Topic 5 Threats and vulnerabilities in mobile application (slides)

Mobile malware engages in a malicious behavior, collects data without a user’s knowledge

or approval, gathers sensitive or personally identifiable information, or leaves a

Web-based and network-based threats take advantages of flaws of web-based applications

The sensitive personal and organization information may be lost together with the

The private and sensitive data stored in the phone will be lost together

Social engineering Attackers use techniques to mislead users into downloading malware and spyware unknowingly.

Vulnerabilities of mobile applications The vulnerabilities caused by errors in design or implementation will expose the mobile

device or the cloud applications used from the device to unauthorized access.

accept-known-good 2)Avoid storing secrets in codes of mobile application 3)Use lease privilege model in for system access 4)Isolate file system and database 5)Impose restriction on access to components 6)Security testing: buffer-over-flow, integer-overflows, format string, etc.

1) Cryptography basics: symmetric cryptography, public-key cryptography, hash function

2) Protecting stored data 3) Secure key generation and management of mobile devices 4) Mobile phone authentication Topic 8 Secure communication of mobile devices (slides)

2) How to validate server privilege boundary in networked applications 3)How to use certificates and avoiding man-in-the-middle Topic 9 Security Policy and Governance (slides)

2)Manage application provenance: digital signing model, vetting and distribution

3)Manage mobile devices: setting the password strength, disabling specific device

functions to prohibit potentially risky behaviors, wiping the lost or stolen devices,

4)Secure browser: using the third-party secure web browser that checks the URL against

Topic 10Mobile cloud computing – future of mobile computing (slides)

and maintaining highly complex virus scanning and malware protection on the handsets

only personnel with authorization can access cloud-based services, and 2) identity

would send expensive short messages and how they were disguised as free versions of

of the current permission models that heavily depend on end user’s permission and

Security Architecture Module Topics: Hands-on Lab #1: Race condition is a situation that occurs when multiple processes access and manipulate

outcome may be a potential threat or may uncover the sensitive data from the operating

application with race condition which may cause a potential threat to reveal the GPS

NIST Internet time service

of the public files on the time servers, including example source code for programmers who want to write their own applications, have been moved to these public ftp and

Windows, Mac, Linux) have an option to automatically synchronize the system clock periodically using an NTP (network time protocol) server:Windows: Double-click the system clock and then click on the Internet Time tab. Mac:

leap second is announced in advanced in Bulletin C of the International Earth Rotation and Reference Service (  The leap second can be either positive or negative, although only positive leap seconds have ever been used, and it is very unlikely that negative leap seconds will ever be required.

The leap second event is linked to the UTC time scale (not local time as with daylight saving time), and therefore occurs at different local times in different time zones.

The name of a positive leap second is 23:59:60, but systems that represent the current time as the number of seconds that have elapsed since some origin (NTP, for example) generally cannot represent that time.

For example, it can be difficult to establish the time-ordering of events in the vicinity of a leap second, since the time 23:59:59.2 in the leap second occurred after 23:59:59.5 in the first second with that name.

There are two ways of realizing the leap second that we see as incorrect: 1) Some systems implement the leap second by repeating second 0 of the next day instead of second 23:59:59 of the leap second day.

2) Some systems implement the leap second by a frequency adjustment that smears the leap second out over some longer interval.

Therefore, any application that requires time that is legally traceable to national standards and uses these methods to realize the leap second, will have a time error on the order of 0.5 - 1 s in the vicinity of the leap second event.

The accuracy of the time stamps as seen by a user will usually be determined largely by the stability and reciprocity of the network connection between the server and the user's systems.

The client software ignores responses from servers that appear to be sending the wrong time, and averages the results from those that appear to be correct.

The data packet includes a 64-bit timestamp containing the time in UTC seconds since January 1, 1900 with a resolution of 200 ps.

In addition to this standard NTP service (which will not be modified), we have begun testing an authenticated version of NTP using a single time server that implements the symmetric key encryption method defined in the NTP documentation.

NIST chose a time code format similar to the one used by its dial-up Automated Computer Time Service (ACTS), as shown below: JJJJJ YR-MO-DA HH:MM:SS TT L H msADV UTC(NIST) OTM where: This simple protocol is now used by only about 1% of ITS customers.

Since many computers keep time internally as the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 (or another date), converting the received time to the necessary format is often a simple matter of binary arithmetic.

However, the format does not allow any additional information to be transmitted, such as advance notification of leap seconds or daylight saving time, or information about the health of the server.

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