AI News, BOOK REVIEW: Difference between revisions of "Portal talk:Computer networks"

Difference between revisions of "Portal talk:Computer networks"

Here is a some of my favorite networking topics --Mattwj2002 17:39, 9 June 2007 (UTC)

I'd like to move the list of certifications and so on to a sub page, and talk about what we are/want to teach here.

I simply propose that we contact as many of the contributors as possible and try to get all of this organized into a logical whole.

Here in the Topic: namespace is where people come together to develop learning resources in the (main) namespace.

would suggest reorganizing this page as Computer Networks is a very huge field need to be discussed in a better way rather than what have been done currently.

After the merger performed not too long ago it is not hard to see that there are swathes of information hanging around related to various introductions to the topic of networking.

We need to come together and determine a formal structure for teaching courses related to the department of computer networks.

Information that will definitely fit into this area beneath what I have listed includes LAN, wireless networks, security, cryptography etc.

Hope to see people add to my list here and throw in some comments about the direction of this topic, doing this kind of feels like I'm talking to myself on a desert island.

We've all got commitments in life but it also heartwarming to know that your knowledge will benefit some student who can't afford higher education but is willing to learn and help himself in self improvement.

After adding a topic today, I realized that topics do not appear in standard search results.

This also presents problems in terms of proper case, as a user typing Topic:internet then won't find a Topic:Internet resource.

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