AI News, BOOK REVIEW: Difference between revisions of "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python 2nd Edition/Solutions"

Difference between revisions of "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python 2nd Edition/Solutions"

The following section contains answers to the exercises in the Book.

Why does a call to num_digits(-24) result in an infinite loop (hint: -1/10 evaluates to -1)?

The loop will end when n = 0, and per above -1/10 == -1, causing an infinite loop.

Encapsulate: in a function named count_letters, and generalize it so that it accepts the string and the letter as arguments.

Slettennnnn Now rewrite the count_letters function so that instead of traversing the string, it repeatedly calls find (the version from Optional parameters), with the optional third parameter to locate new occurences of the letter being counted.

ceil function finds the lowest integeral value greater than or equal to x.

deepcopy would have come handy in exercises you didn't have to solve regarding object reference, thus no answer is excpected here.

The word 'alice' occurs 386 times (not including 12 occurences of 'alice's')

INSTR functions

The INSTR functions (INSTR, INSTRB, INSTRC, INSTR2, and INSTR4) searches a string for a substring using characters and returns the position in the string that is the first character of a specified occurrence of the substring.

INSTR4} (string , substring [, position [, occurrence]]) Arguments The text expression to search.

The default value of position is 1, which means that the function begins searching at the beginning of string.

String Functions

Returns a substring from a string, using a delimiter character to divide the string into a sequence of tokens.

Note: The split and custom split commands are available for the following data sources types: Tableau data extracts, Microsoft Excel, Text File, PDF File, Salesforce, OData, Microsoft Azure Market Place, Google Analytics, Vertica, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Amazon Redshift, Aster Data, Google Big Query, Cloudera Hadoop Hive, Hortonworks Hive, and Microsoft SQL Server.

The following table shows which data sources support negative token numbers (splitting from the right) and whether there is a limit on the number of splits allow per data source.

A SPLIT function that specifies a negative token number and would be legal with other data sources will return this error with these data sources: “Splitting from right is not support by the data source.”  

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