AI News, BOOK REVIEW: Difference between revisions of "Computer architecture"

Difference between revisions of "Computer architecture"

Discuss the notion of the modern computer as a Turing Machine in order to understand what an instruction is in the next section.

send data to I/O module (READ or INPUT), receive data from I/O module (WRITE or OUTPUT), report status or perform some control function such as position a disk head. b)

Data required for doing any job, in case of adding two numbers, is fetched either from input devices like keyboard, serial port or from memory itself.

In case of adding two numbers we move our input to registers in processor and call adding opcode and move the result to certain memory unit.

Pipelining is a technique of decomposing a sequential process into sub operations with each sub operation being executed in a special dedicated segment that operates concurrently with all other segments.

Simple way of viewing the pipeline structure is to imagine that each segment consists of an input register followed by a combinational circuit.

achieve the best performance, allow memory to keep up with the processor and have a reasonable memory cost compared to other components.

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