AI News, Difference between revisions of "Computer-aided design/History, Present and Future"

Difference between revisions of "Computer-aided design/History, Present and Future"

The design engineer still worked in 2D to create technical drawing consisting from 2D wireframe primitives (line, arc, B spline ...).

Nevertheless modifications and revisions were easier, and over time CAD software and hardware became cheaper and affordable for mid size companies.

3D wireframe features were developed in the beginning of the sixties, and in 1969 MAGI released Syntha Vision, the first commercially available solid modeler program.

3D modeling has become a norm, and it can be found even in applications for the wider public, like 3D buildings modeling in Google Maps, house furnishing (IMSI Floorplan), or garden planning.

Some anticipate 3D modelling without flat screens or mouse pointers -- a fully immersive 3D environment where modelling tools include special gloves and goggles.

Up to now, 3D goggles cause nausea, immersive technologies are expensive and complex, and most designers prefer using a keyboard, stylus, and mouse.

3D models created in CAD could be immediately presented in web browsers that will be able to display 3D models (and to zoom, rotate ...).

Other probable scenario is that a CAD company will start an open source project to boost its more profitable products based on same engine (for example CAM or CAE).

Improvements of hardware like 3D printers, laser and metal sintering will enable to produce complex parts effectively even in small series and from various materials like plastics, textile, ceramics or metal.

Products will be bought in the form of license, 3D model will be downloaded from Internet and manufactured on hardware connected to computer in local store or even at home.

It's also usefull as special software for transfering CAD's files (as PRO-E, SolidWorks ) to CNC machines, so after modeling and drawing comes programming and eaiser to understand CNC machines to make designed models as solid objects.

Genetic programming (GP) is machine learning technique that uses an evolutionary algorithm to optimize a population of designs according to a fitness landscape determined by a design ability to perform a given computational task.

Later will come new manufacturing processes similar to protein creation in ribosome, where 3D protein complex structures are based on only 20 building blocks (amino acids).

Computer program will serve like DNA, manufacturing hardware will serve as ribosome and one machine will be able to manufacture wide range of different products.

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