AI News, Difference between revisions of "Basic Computer Security/Introduction"

Difference between revisions of "Basic Computer Security/Introduction"

The aim of this book is to instruct the reader on numerous topics of computer security such as passwords, privacy, encryption, and networking.

This book is written for a reader with little to no previous knowledge of security issues, but one who is familiar with the basic functionality of his or her computer's operating system.

Reading this book should give you a basic understanding of the processes needed to secure your home computer and home network, as well as protect your privacy and data on the web.

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short word of warning before we begin: Any book on the subject of security is likely to enlighten the reader on a variety of nasty things that could potentially happen to him or her.

It is our hope that by reading this book you will learn more about the world around you and gain valuable knowledge and understanding that will help you protect yourself, your privacy, and your information.

While these are probably not the best place to start learning about security, you may find them useful or interesting after you have become more familiar with some of the basics.

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