AI News, Difference between revisions of "Basic Computer Security/Web Security/Choose a Better Browser"

Difference between revisions of "Basic Computer Security/Web Security/Choose a Better Browser"

Though in the past Internet Explorer (abbreviated to IE) was described as a generally insecure browser, much has been done to keep its users safe on the Internet.

This particular version checks visited websites against a black-list of reported phishing websites to try and ensure that you do not give your details away to a fraudulent website.

IE7 supports the latest data encryption technologies as well as the most up-to-date web certificate verification techniques.

As it is open source, any holes in the browser are patched quickly as there are always a large number of people developing patches at any one time.

The security features employed in Firefox are almost identical to those used in Internet Explorer, checking websites against phishing black-lists, supporting certificates and encryption, and giving the user complete control over downloaders and installers.

Since many Windows users have multiple web browsers installed, the carpet bombing technique makes use of a 'blended attack'.

cookie and cache clean up every time the browser shuts down and a possibility to edit cookies directly from the browser.

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