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Research Innovation in Internet of Things

The future design of the Internet of Things applications greatly depends on the development of advanced platform architectures for smart objects, embedded intelligence and smart networks.

Most of today's IoT systems are mainly focused on sensors, whereas distributed data analytics, actuation, security by design, and adaptive behaviour will be the key features in the future. Novel interfaces combined with artificial intelligence and flexible self-organising platforms are promising areas.

At the core of IoT-EPI are seven research and innovation IoT projects funded by the Horizon 2020 programme: These projects develop and validate innovative platform technologies and foster technology adoption through community- and business-building while creating at the same time a new vibrant IoT ecosystem.

Another important element for the IoT R&I is the existence of an open, vibrant and innovative Internet of Things ecosystem which brings together the research community with the private sector companies and the end-users.

The AIOTI builds on the work of the IoT European Research Cluster (IERC), grouping together the IoT projects funded by the 7th European research framework programme (FP7), as well as national IoT initiatives and have links with all the EU funded projects.