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Intelligent Systems

The department integrates fundamental research, engineering and design in the interlocking fields of data processing, interpretation, visualization and interaction using model- and knowledge-based methods and algorithms.

The research is inspired by challenges from the domains of consumer electronics and entertainment, cultural heritage, social media, medical and health sciences, security and privacy, and safety and incident management.

ARPA-E | Changing What's Possible

From 2017 to 2019, Dr. Michael Campos was an ARPA-E Fellow, focused on geothermal energy, advanced materials, and addressing the second “valley of death” in technology commercialization.

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Dept. of Energy to use world’s largest chip from Cerebras for AI

Cerebras Systems is collaborating with the U.S. Department of Energy to conduct massive deep learning experiments in government-run labs using the world’s largest chip for the first time, the company announced Tuesday.

WSE is a very big chip that allows processing more quickly, since data and power don’t have to pass through nearly as many choke points at the edges of conventional chips.

“It took gumption to build a new, more powerful chip technology…More cores, more memory and more low latency bandwidth between cores are all made possible by wafer scale…The Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine is ready to transform AI compute.”