AI News, Democrats want feds to target the 'black box' artificial intelligence

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Congress is starting to show interest in prying open the 'black box' of tech companies' artificial intelligence with oversight that parallels how the federal government checks under car hoods and audits banks.

One proposal introduced Wednesday and co-sponsored by a Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Cory Booker, would require big companies to test the 'algorithmic accountability' of their high-risk AI systems, such as technology that detects faces or makes important decisions based on your most sensitive personal data.

But it reflects growing — and bipartisan — scrutiny of the largely unregulated data economy — everything from social media feeds, online data brokerages, financial algorithms and self-driving software that are increasingly impacting daily life.

A bipartisan Senate bill introduced last month would require companies to notify people before using facial recognition software on them, while also requiring third-party testing to check for bias problems.

Academic studies and real-life examples have unearthed facial recognition systems that misidentify darker-skinned women , computerized lending tools that charge higher interest rates to Latino and black borrowers, and job recruitment tools that favor men in industries where they already dominate.

In a bolder move from the Trump administration, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development has charged Facebook with allowing landlords and real estate brokers to systematically exclude groups such as non-Christians, immigrants and minorities from seeing ads for houses and apartments.

The bill he and Wyden have introduced would enable the Federal Trade Commission to set and enforce new rules for companies to check for accuracy, bias and potential privacy or security concerns in their automated systems, and correct them if problems are found.

Applied Information to Enable Deployment of C-V2X Traffic Infrastructure in U.S. Featuring Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X Platform

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr 11, 2019--, the leading provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure technology, today announced plans to deploy C-V2X traffic infrastructure products in the U.S. with its Glance™

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The addition of the 9150 C-V2X chipsets as part of Applied Information’s products gives Road Operators a single solution to support signal preemption for first responders, signal priority to transit buses and safety messages to drivers and autonomous vehicles.

The technology also provides Road Operators with a platform upon which to create additional applications for alerts and warnings for school zone safety, work zone safety, special event traffic management and public safety.

For example, the Applied Information TravelSafely smartphone app connects drivers to the infrastructure, providing the first application of connected vehicle technology using data from multiple infrastructure sources for day-to-day use by the general public.

Applied Information is the industry-leading developer of Smart Cities, connected, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions designed to save lives, improve traffic, drive commerce, and help the environment.


AI is a black box - and that's why it works.

Humans are unable to come up with algorithmic solutions because we simply don't have the intelligence to solve the problems.

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