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Democratizing Data Science

It draws experts with advanced degrees in math and science, fluency in multiple programming languages, and a firm grasp of statistics and probability theory.

At the same time, there is a movement within both corporate and academic spaces to bring data science capabilities to the masses.

An upcoming product from Booz Allen Hamilton will allow anyone to ask questions of Big Data sources in real-time using human-readable language.

This is the final and most difficult step in any machine learning or analysis task: interpreting the results back to the human who asked the question.

When we suggest that machines alone can do the job of a data scientist, we risk overhyping the analytics and reaching bad conclusions.

To be fair, not all data scientists are equally rigorous in qualifying the output of their models and incorporating uncertainties;

others will need to take a stronger role as educators and guides, to help our clients and coworkers use these new tools effectively.

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