AI News, Dell EMC PowerProtect aims to go beyond data protection artificial intelligence

Dell EMC adds data management, scale-out capabilities to data protection with new PowerProtect line

Dell EMC unveils a new scale-out offering, available as both a software-defined platform and an appliance, that is particularly aimed at hyperconverged startups like Cohesity and Rubrik.

LAS VEGAS – While Monday at Dell Technologies World was all about highlighting new solutions that extended across the company’s broad portfolio, particularly ones which involved VMware, Tuesday was more about the updating of more traditional elements of the Dell Technologies portfolio under what is now the Dell EMC and Dell brands.

‘Power’ has become the branding for the next generation of Dell Technologies offerings, which started last year with the PowerMax brand in storage, and has also seen Dell’s networking portfolio publicly rebranded at this year’s Dell Technologies World – as PowerSwitch.

“There is absolutely a place for Data Domain,” Phalen emphasized, clarifying the company’s position to a media and analyst session where it was pointed out that Data Domain was visibly absent from the keynote presentation.

Scale-out by its nature is nodal, bite size chunks, but if you already know you need specific performance and scale, scale-up gives a more straightforward way of acquiring that.” The two portfolio sets mean there will be some overlap, but Emsley said that’s not an inherently bad thing.

Available as a hybrid or all-flash data management appliance, it is the first Dell EMC data management solution to utilize machine learning for intelligent load balancing.

“Hyperconverged architecture is getting a lot of interest, and the addition of the X400 appliance puts us in that space.” The ability of the scale-out architectures to start out small also positions Dell EMC more effectively against companies like Veeam, who are particularly strong in the SMB and midmarket space.

“IDBA has seen rocket growth over the past year, and this will extend it to a new segment of customers.” The DD4400 can still be upgraded up to 96TB with the purchase of license keys and an upgrade kit.

The 2019 Dell EMC Global Data Protection Index Summarised!

The survey involved 2,200 IT decision makers from public and private organisations (of 250+ employees) across 18 countries and 11 industries.

They also saw a corresponding increase in awareness about the value of data, with 90% of the respondents aware about the value of the data they manage.

The Index also noted that despite an impressive jump in the number of data protection leaders (from 1% to 13%) and “adopters”

(from 8% to 53%) since 2016, most of the survey respondents still face challenges in implementing the right data protection measures.

The top three challenges in APJ was determined to be  : They also struggled to find adequate data protection solutions for newer technologies :

Nearly all of those organisations (99%) using public cloud, are leveraging it as part of their data protection strategy.

More than 60% of the respondents also consider the scalability of data protection solutions important, in anticipation of the inevitable boom of cloud workloads.

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