AI News, DeepMind’s New Blockchain-Style System Will Track Health-Care Records

DeepMind’s New Blockchain-Style System Will Track Health-Care Records

Alphabet’s artificial intelligence outfit, DeepMind, plans to build a blockchain-style system that will carefully track how every shred of patient data is used.

That means that if someone later goes back to edit a previous record—say, to hide the fact that they used a piece of data for a particular purpose—it would mess up every subsequent record and be quickly revealed.

Itis quickly developing a series of different health-care tools, including software that can alert medical staff to early warning signs of illness in patients, AI systemsto diagnose eye disease, and machine-learning approachesto guide cancer treatment.

Still, it’s clearly an attempt to ensure that it remains squeaky clean in the future, leaving an incredibly clear and indelible audit trail in its wake.

Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, has been testing it to keep track of cargo, for instance, and Wal-Mart to record and log the origins of produce to improve health and safety standards.

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