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Scripts to setup a GPU / CUDA enable compute server with libraries to study deep learning development Once your machine is up (status : running in the online console), note the address to your instance :

To start using your instance, simply open the following URLs in your favorite browser: Once the instance is up, you might need to access directly your instance via SSH: This optional part helps you setting ssh connection keys for better and easier access to your instance.

Access IPython Notebook on Server

mkvirtualenv ipython ifconfig ipython notebook --ip [server's ip address:port number]

MySQL Workbench: Connection Creation and Trouble Shooting (for beginners)

This video shows how to create connections in MySQL Workbench and what to do if problems arise with that. Please subscribe to the MySQL Youtube channel: ...

Coding With Python :: Learn API Basics to Grab Data with Python

Coding With Python :: Learn API Basics to Grab Data with Python This is a basic introduction to using APIs. APIs are the "glue" that keep a lot of web applications ...

Authenticating service-to-service calls with Google Cloud Endpoints (Google Cloud Next '17)

As you build out your microservice infrastructure, one thing to think about is how you authenticate calls from one service to another. Google Cloud Endpoints ...

How to run containers with Kubernetes on Azure Government

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti talks with Gerardo Saca about running containers with Kubernetes on Azure Government.

Best practices for Identity and Access Management on Compute Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)

How do you maintain control while taking advantage of the power and scale of Compute Engine? Eric Bahna shares best practices for mapping common ...

Google Compute Engine - Seven Minute Test Drive: Set Up your own Web Server

This demonstration covers getting started with the Google Cloud Platform and Google Compute Engine. See the process of creating a project, starting up a cloud ...

Modernize your Windows Server applications with containers : Build 2018

Do you have applications running on Windows Server? Are those applications difficult to deploy, patch, manage and maintain let alone add new features to?

Lesson 2: Deep Learning 2018

NB: Please go to to view this video since there is important updated information there. If you have questions, use the forums at ..