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Take NVIDIA’s new Deep Learning Robotics Workshop at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI

As part of TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI, we are happy to announce a partnership to deliver a brand new course from NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI).

Called the NVIDIA Deep Learning for Robotics Workshop, this brand new, never before offered workshop will provide training in a new 3D accelerated remote desktop environment on April 17 in Berkeley, the day before the main show.

This eight-hour workshop will also teach how to: Upon completion, participants will know how to deploy high-performance deep learning applications for robotics and can earn an NVIDIA certificate upon completion of a code-based assessment.


The author writes: there are alternatives that may not be as complex, such as traditional machine learning.

“That is, the network might draw conclusions based on quirks in the dataset that are catastrophic from a practical point of view.”

Sucesora de la PS4 utilizaría “deep learning” para adaptarse a los jugadores

Hace unos meses desde Sony señalaron que ya se encontraban trabajando en una nueva plataforma, y aunque no existe ningún tipo de información ni fecha de salida, continúan los rumores sobre que podría incluir la sucesora de la PS4.

Cabe mencionar que el registro de una patente no quiere decir necesariamente que vaya a ser utilizado en la siguiente consola, y con Sony aún desarrollando su nueva plataforma, por ahora sólo queda esperar y seguir disfrutando del tiempo que le queda a la PS4.

March. 2019 Webinar: Deep Learning in Finance

Hugo and Vishnu will cut through the hype about data science, machine learning and deep learning in finance by looking at practical applications and how they are helping the industry evolve.

Join us for an insider’s account into what has worked in finance, from machine learning models being used to classify fraudulent activity, to reinforcement learning being used for call center operations, to deep learning for credit writing and signature analysis.

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Why Deep Learning Now? | AI Revolution Documentary

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NVIDIA's Image Restoration AI: Almost Perfect

The paper "Noise2Noise: Learning Image Restoration without Clean Data" and its source code are available here: 1. 2

What role does Deep Learning play in Self Driving Cars?

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