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7 Days of Artificial Intelligence

A short film on the intelligence explosion. This video has been nominated for a Webby Award! If you enjoyed it, feel free to cast your vote ...

National Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture: Day 1 Session 1

The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence - day 1

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Day 1 Artificial Intelligence

Great Debate - Artificial Intelligence: Who is in control? (OFFICIAL) (Part 01)

Part 02 - Will progress in Artificial Intelligence provide humanity with a boost of unprecedented strength to realize a better future, ..

MIT AI: Long-Term Future of Artificial Intelligence (Stuart Russell)

Stuart Russell is a professor of computer science at UC Berkeley and a co-author of the book that introduced me and millions of other people to AI, called ...

User Day 2017 Keynote Part 1: Artificial Intelligence

Filmed at the NAV People's Annual User Day on Tuesday 14th November 2017, we present the first part of the keynote session on artificial intelligence.

The Dawn of Superintelligence - Part 1 (Artificial Intelligence Series)

What happens when our species is not the most intelligent on the planet? Artificial Intelligence is the most important topic of our time. The Dawn of ...

HIGHLIGHTS Video: AI FOR GOOD Global Summit - DAY 1

Highlights of day one of the AI FOR GOOD Global Summit, ITU, Geneva, Switzerland 7 - 9 June 2017.

DAY2 - Thinking machines: Summit on artificial intelligence and robotics