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I always pick something off the resume that I know a lot about and ask questions to get an understanding of the depth of the knowledge.

I don't expect people to be able to answer everything I think of, but by asking these questions I know the detailed skill levels of my candidates pretty quickly.

About Knowit

Knowit contributes to a more sustainable world by being one of the largest suppliers in the Nordic region of digitalization of society.

Knowit's work with social responsibility, human rights, labor lawand environment are based on the company's values and the UN Global Compact which Knowit supports.

The code of conduct, ethics policy, equality policy and environmental policy of Knowit are other regulations that govern and reflect Knowit's work in the sustainability field.

Jeff Speck: The walkable city

How do we solve the problem of the suburbs? Urbanist Jeff Speck shows how we can free ourselves from dependence on the car -- which he calls "a ...

If AA + BB + CC = ABC, What Are A, B and C?

If AA + BB + CC = ABC, what are the values of A, B, and C? All the digits are distinct and positive. Watch the video for a solution. Blog (text explanation): ...

Paula Johnson: His and hers ... healthcare

Every cell in the human body has a sex, which means that men and women are different right down to the cellular level. Yet too often, research and medicine ...

John Maeda: How art, technology and design inform creative leaders

John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design, delivers a funny and charming talk that spans a lifetime of work in art, design and technology, ...

Jared Diamond: How societies can grow old better

There's an irony behind the latest efforts to extend human life: It's no picnic to be an old person in a youth-oriented society. Older people can become isolated, ...

Osons entreprendre différemment, yes we can! Audrey Cattoz at TEDxEMLYON

Audrey Cattoz is the founder of Konnexion Lunettes Solidaires (KLS), a French glasses manufacturer settled in Lyon. Before setting up her own business in 2010 ...

God's Creation according to Genesis

God's creation of the heavens and earth in six days according to Genesis I've had many requests for permission to use this video. You are welcome to use it for ...

Beatifully Built up independent house in 80 Gaj at Zirakpur

Beatifully Built up independent house in 80 Gaj at Zirakpur.

The Accidental Tourist

An emotionally distant writer of travel guides must carry on with his life after his son is killed and his marriage crumbles.