AI News, Data Science: Just One More Way That Donald Trump is Different

Data Science: Just One More Way That Donald Trump is Different

If you’re a data scientist interested in working in politics, don’t bother applying to the Trump campaign — but Hillary has a job for you.

The presumptive Republican nominee pointed to Obama’s personality, saying “Obama got the votes much more so than his data processing machine, and I think the same is true with me.” As with many things Trump, it’s an unconventional opinion.

The questions that data scientists can answer cover every single aspect of the campaign: where to fundraise, which states to fight for, which message for the audience, who are the swing voters.

An inability to run a data driven ad campaign would become a tremendous liability if he needed to deliver a focused message.

The Clinton Campaign, on the other hand, is looking for even more data scientists to help them figure out how to best allocate resources to get the best outcomes.

Not in terms of influencing the outcome of the election, but rather that Presidential elections present a rare opportunity to both collect data at far higher volumes than other elections, and to cultivate the next generation of talent capable of leveraging that data.

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