AI News, Data science job ads that do not attract candidates, versus those that do

Data science job ads that do not attract candidates, versus those that do

There are consultants or small consulting companies (with this mix) willing to do the job for $300/hour (motivation is even bigger if you reimburse their weekly hotel/travel expenses, and consulting firms are better equipped than individual consultants as they can use a mix of cheap, junior with expensive, senior consultants to lower the cost).

For a regular employee, you would want an engineer with some statistical knowledge, train him so that he becomes an expert in experimental design (aka A/B testing) - at least in digital experimental design.

Yet he needs to be very knowledgeable about statistical theory and non-parametric, robust confidence intervals in the context of big data and most importantly - in the context of doing TONS of A/B tests, whether the data is big or small.

Here of course, I would not qualify: I'm a web developer, I developed this very website for instance as well as analytic API's, I managed developers (consultants), and haved used scripting languages for a long time, but I'm not the developer with the kind of team experience that you really need;

companies made the mistake in the past to believe that I am a developer -- don't assume that you can turn a creative, independent guy like me into a useful team developer, it just does not happen, what I offer to a team is different.

And a developer who will closely work with the domain expert - at least in the initial step when the architecture / design of the platform is discussed, as well as during final steps when you test it on real data.

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