AI News, Data Science Fundamentals for Marketing and Business Professionals (video course demo)

Data Science Fundamentals for Marketing and Business Professionals (video course demo)

This is kind of a special blogpost, because here I share 3 videos from my brand new O’Reilly Video course –

There is a free 10-day trial period, so if this is your first time there, you can watch my 60-min course practically for free.

😉 ) Regardless:I’ve decided to share 3 vids on my blog as well to help you decide, if you are interested or not.

For instance when companies are hiring a Data Analyst, they are usually looking for a person who will be working on research projects, on optimization and on reporting.

This person will help the company to understand their customer base and flag possible issues and future opportunities.

When a company is looking for a Data Scientist, it usually wants someone on board who’s good at predictive analytics and who has experience with machine learning and similar advanced methodologies.

This knowledge can be useful for managing risk, for building recommendation systems, for optimising resources, for face recognition and many-many more things –

As I see it, Data Analytics is usually mentioned as the conservative part of the data projects and it has a big effect on the business side –

Our Data Analytics team will create reports on how many video uploads we received, and who are our best users;

the other hand the Data Science Team will build the algorithms behind the recommendation system that autostarts the next video –

In terms of required coding skills, business skills and domain knowledge, the difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist is not substantial.

might need better business skills, while a Data Scientist, who has to implement complex methods, might need better coding skills. However

the biggest contrast between the two is mostly in the statistical and mathematical methods that they apply during their data projects.

take a look at a simple SQL query: SELECT * FROM zoo WHERE animal = ‘zebra’;

For that, I am going to change the asterisk to the name of the column: water_need SELECT water_need FROM zoo WHERE animal = ‘zebra’;

Then I’ll have an extra chapter focusing on how to go further on the road you have just started on by taking this course.

I’ll show you demos, examples based on real life scenarios and will share some of my best practices that I’ve collected during my years working as a data analyst.

Data analysis using Apache spark SQL and Apache zeppelin

Spark SQL: Spark SQL is a Spark module for structured data processing. Apache Zeppelin : A web-based notebook that enables interactive data analytics.