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The individual who wrote this review choose to remain anonymous and they attended Galvanize Data Science (San Francisco) in 2015 Q

 Data Science was a very natural choice for me to combine my quantitative background and business domain knowledge.

: I was very interested in data science and was looking to get my foot in the door of this emerging field.

They have a general online application, one take home and two rounds of technical phone interviews.

In order to get most out of the program, a solid foundation in coding and math/statistics are necessary though.

A bootcamp is more industry focused, and the skills they teach is more updated and relevant than traditional graduate school education.

I checked their alumni profiles and looked like many of them got placed into high profile companies such as airbnb, google etc.

: We have daily practices to work on real world data sets –

The program is really hands-on and I got to learn from doing, unlike some courses that the instructors mainly read slides.

: The content is solid and it’s amazing to see how they fit so much information into 2 months.

There are two weeks towards the end of the program dedicated for a capstone project and we present it at the hiring day.

: Did you find employment within three months of finishing the bootcamp program ? A

: Yes, I first got hired as a data scientist in residence for their masters in data science program.

: Does the bootcamp offer post bootcamp career transition / change services or help with introductions post bootcamp A

: My cohort became really good friends during the program and most of us still stay in touch and hang out together now and them.

: Do you feel alums are actively involved in the program through mentoring, giving presentations or in other capacities? A

: The facility also provides office spaces to startups and host relevant tech events.

: They expanded the program really fast and the bar for admission has actually became lower, which diminishes its brand name.

But most of them don’t have much data science industry experience, which is kind of expected due to the recent emerging of data science.

: The only thing I didn’t like is that the program was expanded too fast and just quickly churns out junior data scientists.

The data science job market is hyped and there are still students who can’t find a position after a year of their graduation from the program.

If you have attended and graduated from a Data Science Bootcamp and you’d like to do a review of your experience, we’d love to hear from you.

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