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CTI2019: Situational Awareness, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Data Mining in Practice

CSIRTS security managers and experts, bringing together like-minded practitioners to discuss how they can and are maximizing the potential of threat intelligence.

Understanding your environment, the threat landscape and accurately predicting and responding to potential problems that might occur are more than ever crucial in today’s CISO operations.

CTI2019 will evaluate Threat Intelligence in the context of / as a driver for other technologies, including security orchestration, artificial intelligence &

machine learning and intelligence sharing.Highlighted Registered Participants include experts from ENISA,, Federal Police, NATO, Colruyt Group, Proximus, Citco Bank, GÉANT, ING, , KBC, Belfius, ULB, Brussels Airport, BNPParibasFortis, Proximus, Engie, Federal Police, KBC Group, BBVA, ING, KBC Group, SD Worx, KBC Bank, Belfius, EURid, Federal Police - DJSOC/FCCU, CCB /, Eandis and many more....Want to join the discusssions?

If youdid not receive an invitation, you may contact usvia theregistration pageand and requesta password.Please state your company,job title and some background for usto evaluate your request.To register for the event / request your password pleaseclick here;

Data Mining and AI

Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs Data science Vs Deep learning

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