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Trump to launch artificial intelligence initiative, but many details lacking

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a defining issue of our time, affecting national security, economic development, human rights, and social media—for better and worse.

The administration has yet to provide many details, however, saying only that it will be assigning federal agencies specific timelines for “deliverables” and expects to release more information over the next 6 months.

The U.S. initiative, which follows on the heels of at least18 other countriesthat have announced national AI strategies, will have five “key pillars,” a senior administration official told reporters yesterday during a telephone briefing.

(Congress ultimately determines spending levels.)The initiative also calls for better reporting of AI R&D spending by agencies, in order to create an overview of how much is spent across the government.

The official deflected questions about how engagement efforts might address China’s challenges to U.S. interests, and did not say whether the initiative would address immigration andvisasfor scientists, engineers, and students.

Introducing our general artificial intelligence project with a 10mil USD research fund

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