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3.4.5 Conference Listings or Special Issues, Introductions, 2019-

IEEE DOI 1901[From the Guest Editors] Special issues and sections, Music, Signal processing algorithms, Multiple signal classification, Speech processing, Audio systems

Special issue on real-time image and video processing in mobile embedded systems, RealTimeIP(16), No.

Machine ethics: the design and governance of ethical ai and autonomous systems, PIEEE(107), No.

IEEE DOI 1903[scanning the issue] Special issues and sections, Ethics, Social implications of technology, Intelligent systems, Medical robotics

Su, Z., Fang, Q., Wang, H., Mehrotra, S., Begen, A.C., Ye, Q., Cavallaro, A.,

IEEE DOI 1903Special issues and sections, Multimedia communication, Trust management, Social networking (online)

Special issue commemorating the 50th anniversary of 'Pattern Recognition', PR(90), 2019, pp.

Nikolaidis, N., Boulgouris, N.V., Kondi, L.P., Nikou, C., Plataniotis, K.N.,

Loy, C.C.[Chen Change], Liu, X.M.[Xiao-Ming], Kim, T.K.[Tae-Kyun], de la Torre, F.[Fernando], Chellappa, R.[Rama],

Special issue on real-time image watermarking and forensics in cloud computing, RealTimeIP(16), No.

Award winning papers from the 23rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), PRL(124), 2019, pp.

Anbarjafari, G.[Gholamreza], Escalera, S.[Sergio], Nasrollahi, K.[Kamal], Escalante, H.J.[Hugo Jair], Baro, X.[Xavier], Wan, J.[Jun], Moeslund, T.B.[Thomas B.],

Guest editorial: special issue on human abnormal behavioural analysis, MVA(30), No.

Liu, L.[Li], Pietik�inen, M.[Matti], Chen, J.[Jie], Zhao, G.Y.[Guo-Ying], Wang, X.G.[Xiao-Gang], Chellappa, R.[Rama],

IEEE DOI 1909Special issues and sections, Computer vision, Deep learning, Neural networks, Computational efficiency, Feature extraction, Image classification

Porikli, F.M.[Fatih M.], Davis, L.S.[Larry S.], Wang, Q.[Qi], Li, Y.[Yi], Regazzoni, C.[Carlo],

IEEE DOI 1909Special issues and sections, Surveillance, Deep learning, Object detection, Object recognition, Feature extraction

Kong, S., Lv, Y., Vu, H.L., Cano, J., Choi, J., Kum, D., Morris, B.T.,

Preface of virtual special issue on Smart Pattern Recognition for Medical Informatics, PRL(128), 2019, pp.

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Highlight ones that involve meeting company goals, driving revenue, leading a certain number of people or projects, being efficient with costs and so on. Video Super-Resolution, Resolution Enhancement

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Super-resolution video restoration with model uncertainties, ICIP02(II: 853-856).

Analysis of multiframe super-resolution reconstruction for image anti-aliasing and deblurring, IVC(23), No.

4, 1 April 2005, pp.

Springer DOI 0205Combine multiple low-res video to get one high-res (space and time) video.

IEEE DOI 0408Completion based on local structure.

Missing portions filled in based on coherent structures.

Video super-resolution using controlled subpixel detector shifts, PAMI(27), No.

Jitter camera: high resolution video from a low resolution detector, CVPR04(II: 135-142).

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IEEE DOI Generate the sequence for a low resolution version.

IEEE DOI See also Super-resolution reconstruction using spatio-temporal filtering.

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Narayanan, B.[Balaji], Hardie, R.C.[Russell C.], Barner, K.E.[Kenneth E.], Shao, M.[Min],

Estimation of the parameters in regularized simultaneous super-resolution, PRL(31), No.

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Key frame-based video super-resolution using bi-directional overlapped block motion compensation and trained dictionary, IPTA10(181-186).

Fast super-resolution algorithms using one-dimensional patch-based training and directional interpolation, IET-IPR(6), No.

Joint video fusion and super resolution based on Markov random fields, ICIP14(2150-2154)

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See also New image coding scheme with hierarchical representation and adaptive interpolation.

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DOI Link 1612Computational technique for visualizing subtle color and motion variations in ordinary videos by making the variations larger.

Dai, Q.[Qiqin], Yoo, S.[Seunghwan], Kappeler, A.[Armin], Katsaggelos, A.K.[Aggelos K.],

Dictionary-based multiple frame video super-resolution, ICIP15(83-87)

IEEE DOI 1802Collaboration, Databases, Image denoising, Noise measurement, Noise reduction, Principal component analysis, robust patch matching

Parameswaran, S., Luo, E., Deledalle, C.A., Nguyen, T.Q.,

IEEE DOI 1709Algorithm design and analysis, Databases, Image denoising, Noise measurement, Noise reduction, Runtime, Videos

Modified non-local means for super-resolution of hybrid videos, CVIU(168), 2018, pp.

Elsevier DOI 1804Adaptive parameters, Hybrid video, Non-local means,

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Spatiotemporal super-resolution for multiview video in transform domain, VCIP16(1-4)

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Video super-resolution based on spatial-temporal recurrent residual networks, CVIU(168), 2018, pp.

Elsevier DOI 1804Spatial residue, Temporal residue, Video super-resolution,

IEEE DOI 1804computational complexity, image resolution, image sequences, recurrent neural nets, video signal processing, Single-Image SR, video super-resolution

Zhang, T.H.[Ting-Hua], Gao, K.[Kun], Ni, G.Q.[Guo-Qiang], Fan, G.H.[Gui-Hua], Lu, Y.[Yan],

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IEEE DOI 1811image reconstruction, image resolution, iterative methods, least mean squares methods, Monte Carlo methods, outliers

IEEE DOI 1910geophysical image processing, hyperspectral imaging, image resolution, remote sensing, super-resolution, image fusion

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IEEE DOI 1803Motion compensation, Visualization, Computer architecture, Image resolution, Convolutional codes, Image restoration, model ensemble.

Image restoration, Motion estimation, Spatial resolution, Testing, Video super-resolution, recurrent neural networks (RNNs)

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IEEE DOI 1812Transform coding, Image coding, Standards, Video sequences, Support vector machines, Encoding, Visualization

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IEEE DOI 1803Bit rate, Encoding, Feature extraction, Sensitivity, Standards, Video coding, Visualization, HEVC, Perceptual coding maps, subjective quality

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IEEE DOI 1904convolutional neural nets, image enhancement, image fusion, image resolution, learning (artificial intelligence), Correlation

IEEE DOI 1802Adaptation models, Computational modeling, Dictionaries, Image resolution, Minimization, Redundancy, Testing

IEEE DOI 1709Acceleration, Correlation, Image resolution, Interpolation, Motion compensation, Videos, Visualization

mixed particle swarm optimization algorithm's application in image/video super-resolution reconstruction, ICIVC17(526-530)

IEEE DOI 1708Algorithm design and analysis, Convergence, Image reconstruction, Image resolution, Image sequences, Optimization, Particle swarm optimization, PSO, image/video, super-resolution, reconstruction

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Enhancing coded video quality with perceptual foveation driven bit allocation strategy, VCIP13(1-6)

simultaneous method for 3D video super-resolution and high-quality depth estimation, ICIP13(1346-1350)

IEEE DOI 1402depth estimation;mixed-resolution 3D video;super-resolution

Video super-resolution using low rank matrix completion, ICIP13(1376-1380)

Video super-resolution for mixed resolution stereo, ICIP13(962-966)

Lee, C.M.[Chang-Ming], Lee, C.J.[Chien-Jung], Hsieh, C.Y.[Chia-Yung], Lie, W.N.[Wen-Nung],

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structure-guided conditional sampling model for video resolution enhancement, ICIP11(1169-1172).

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Detail warping based video super-resolution using image guides, ICIP10(2009-2012).

Generation of high resolution image based on accumulated feature trajectory, ICIP10(1997-2000).

Patch-based blind deconvolution with parametric interpolation of convolution kernels, ICIP13(577-581)

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See also Learning superpixel relations for supervised image segmentation.

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IEEE DOI 1905Training data, Data models, Machine learning, Data mining, Training, Computational modeling, Benchmark testing, person attribute recognition

IEEE DOI 1609clothing, data mining, face recognition, .

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DOI Link 1806clothing, image motion analysis, learning (artificial intelligence), pose estimation, Smart phones

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new numerical integration method using trapezoid formula for 3D virtual clothes animation, ICIVC17(572-576)

IEEE DOI 1708Animation, Mathematical model, Numerical models, Real-time systems, Solid modeling, Springs, clothes animation, massspring model, numerical integration, trapezoid, formula

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