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What Lousy Philosophy Tells Us About Belief In Global Warming

He wrote a piece entitled (in some places) “What philosophy tells us about climate change skeptics.” Let’s read this essay and see how awful thinking can be and still make it into the “paper of record.” It starts well, but ends badly.

According to NASA, at least 97 percent of actively publishing climate scientists think that “climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely caused by human activities.” Americans overwhelmingly agree that the federal government needs to take significant action.

In a recent poll [of citizen’s who can’t say why the sky is blue, let alone delineate the intricacies of climatology]… Now you’d think Á P.

You are aware that the probability that he will lose the lottery is astronomically high, typically above 99.99 percent, but it’s hard to get yourself to sincerely say you know this person will lose the lottery.

If I had to bet whether the shopper would win, I’d have to think about the consequences about what would happen if I win or lose the bet, and the probability I calculate the shopper has the winning numbers.

According to social psychology, climate change deniers tend to espouse conservative views, which suggests that party ideology is partly responsible for these attitudes.

Knowing man influences the climate does not indicate any particular action, nor does it even imply that any such change is necessarily bad.