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CSC 106 Lecture 9 | Application Layer -- Artificial Intelligence

Lecture Notes:

Simacogo - DePaul - CSC 380 (Foundations of Artificial Intelligence)

CSC 1230D HCI Video Project - Artificial Intelligence

This is a video that I made for a project. References: - ..

Name Generator - DePaul - CSC 380 (Foundations of Artificial Intelligence)

This program generates novel names using an M-Order Markov Model.

Eight Puzzle - DePaul - CSC 380 (Foundations of Artificial Intelligence)

Tech Trend 6: Artificial intelligence gets smarter and more practical

For all of 2018 technology trends, artificial intelligence (AI) will determine the long-term winners and losers. In the past, people were not building AI with the right ...

[Game AI] Grouping / Flocking Concepts

In this video, I discuss the basic concepts of grouping / flocking AI. I briefly cover the three basic steering behaviors: Separation, Cohesion, and Alignment.

Artificial Intelligence: Autism Glass Project: Can AI make us more Empathic? BMW Welcomes keynote.

Catalin Voss, founder of Sension, Research Scholar Stanford University School of Medicine, talks about his google glass project which helps children with ...