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List of D.Gray-man characters

The D.Gray-man anime and manga series features a cast of characters created by Katsura Hoshino.

The series is set at the end of a fictional 19th century during which the Black Order searches for Exorcists, the 'Apostles of God' chosen to wield a divine substance called Innocence.

They are the only ones who can destroy Akuma, weapons created by the Millennium Earl from souls of the deceased when humans curse God for the loss of loved ones, and stop the Earl's plan to destroy humanity.

Both groups quickly begin searching for the Great Heart, the most powerful Innocence that can strengthen or destroy all the others, to bring an end to the war.

Many other characters are also 'leftovers' from previous, and sometimes unpublished works.[vol. 8:40] Allen Walker, the series' main character is also based on the previous series' protagonist, who is a girl.

Hoshino changed some of his characteristics to make him look more masculine.[vol. 1:62] Hoshino says that she does not know where Allen's concept came from, since she likes her main characters to be rambunctious, rude idiots.[vol. 1:61] Nevertheless, the character started behaving more informally across the series.[vol. 9:191] In addition, Lavi was meant to be the protagonist of one of her planned series, Book-man.[vol. 4] Other characters such as The Millennium Earl, Lenalee Lee and Komui Lee are based on real people, although Hoshino has not confirmed who they are.

She has mentioned that some of them are famous scientists, while Komui is based on her boss.[vol. 1:112, 152, 172] The character of Yu Kanda, based on a samurai, was created to vary D.Gray-man's Western setting.[1]

This resulted in Kanda having few appearances in the early volumes until the Noah's ark story arc, where he returned to join the cast with Allen having become harder to draw than him.[vol. 10:204] On the other hand, she found the Millennium Earl and Reever Willingham easier to draw.[4]

In Timcanpy's case, his design is based on the silver accessory brand Timcanpi.[vol. 3:124] The character Bak Chan was created with the help of Kaya Kizaki, who wrote the D.Gray-man Reverse novels.[vol. 8:24] Hoshino has revealed that she got most of her ideas for the series while asleep in the bath for six hours.[vol. 2:81]

As a result, by the end of this story arc Allen abandons the Order so that Hoshino was able to write fewer characters per chapter.[8]

Originally, the setting and plot begin with a more coherent tone, but Hoshino must change them to match the characters' actions and believes it is more exciting to the point they might affect the conclusion.

During production of the first anime adaptation the author often visited the TMS Entertainment studio, where the voice actors asked for her advice about their characters.

During this incident, Allen's left eye was cursed by his father, granting him the ability to see the souls of Akuma, and his left arm awoke as an anti-Akuma weapon.[ch. 3] Allen is revealed to be the 14th Noah, Nea, and will eventually be taken over by Nea's consciousness and become a Noah.[ch. 136,166] As a result, Allen is looked at with suspicion and eventually confined.[ch. 202] Allen was voiced by Sanae Kobayashiep.

She now fights for her brother as well as her friends, knowing she has a home and family to return to.[ch. 21] Her perception of the 'world' consists of her friends and family;

when there was one flower, he was told that it was an illusion, and since then the flowers have multiplied to cover everything.[ch. 186] He refuses to die until he meets a certain person.

He aims to become a Bookman, a person who records the hidden history of the world, and has been trained from a young age to achieve that goal.[16]

Lavi is the 49th alias he has assumed after casting away his real name to reach that goal.[ch. 192] He works alongside the Black Order to be close to the events that must be seen, but slowly becomes more attached to his Black Order friends.

He tricks people who mourn for their dead friends or relatives into resurrecting them, turning them into Akuma that he can then control.[ch. 1] The only person known to have escaped this fate was Allen Walker, who destroyed the Akuma Mana before it had a chance to take over his body.

The Earl resembles a grotesque caricature of a Victorian gentleman: a rotund figure in a cape and top hat, with a perpetual enormous grin, a pair of pince-nez spectacles, and horns hidden under the hat.

This is merely the form he displays in the open, however, as his true form looks more like a human wearing a cape and hat.

She is gifted with the ability to travel between dimensions without using the Noah's Ark and has shown some use of complete regeneration, telekinesis, and telepathy.[ch. 23][ch. 91] Road is also the only Noah capable of programming the Noah's Ark because she is the 'oldest'.[22]

In one he is a carefree Portuguese vagabond human, and the in other he is a Noah and seemingly well known in society.[ch. 157][ch. 42] He enjoys living them both, but fears losing his human friends.[16]

After Allen Walker's failed attempt to exorcise the Noah, the Noah inside him truly awakens and consumes him.[ch. 130] The holy marks, which had previously disappeared, are replaced by three marks: a large one at the base of his neck and two smaller ones on his hands.

His appearance transforms into that of a demonic knight and later, after his human form returns, a gray skin tone remains.[ch. 157] Tyki has the ability to freely 'choose' what he wants to touch, allowing him to walk on water or air and harmlessly pass through anything (with the exception of Innocence) at will.[ch. 55][ch. 45][ch. 112] He can also 'reject' the atmosphere, creating a vacuum.

Teez, man-eating golems (in the shape of butterflies), given as a gift from the Earl,[ch. 55] can be forced inside any body, which can corrode them.

He attempted to kill the Earl to become the new Earl himself but was killed in return by the Earl.[ch. 86][ch. 167] Later, it was revealed that the 14th had chosen Allen Walker as his next host.

Some time before his death, he told Cross Marian that if Mana was looked after, he would return to him one day.[ch. 166] He appears briefly in Allen's mind to name himself 'Nea, the one who will destroy everything'.

Soon after, Nea fully possesses Allen for brief moments and wonders about the current situation, confused by the fact that Allen does not remember him as an ally whereas his other ally, Cross Marian, is missing in action.[ch. 220] Although Nea considers Mana his enemy, he tells Black Order member Howard Link that he will destroy humanity.

The Black Order (黒の教団, Kuro no Kyōdan), an 'army' of the Vatican and the Pope, extends into every continent, having a branch headquarters in each with the main headquarters located in Europe.[ch. 1363] Although every part of the organization is needed to defeat The Millennium Earl, the entire Order is divided into active units and support units.

Every department is individually managed by a section chief, and each branch by a branch chief, but the entire organization is directed by a chief officer, who is currently Komui Lee.

Because of an attack launched by the Noah Lulu Bell on the building, the headquarters moved from the castle, where it had been located for a century, to London.[ch. 169] After this move, the Science department was split into three sections.[ch. 170] The grand generals, who are ranked higher than the chief, are rumored to have links to the Vatican, which funds the organization.[29]

Often, the Vatican sends agents to observe the Order.[30][ch. 137] The Black Order also uses 'Crows' (鴉 (Karasu)), an elite squad under the command of the Central Office, highly trained in combat and refined magic.[ch. 168]

Having gained power quickly and decisively within the immediacy of the Order's founding, the Rouvelier family includes many members with great clout and reputation within the Black Order;

Rouvelier (マルコム・C・ルベリエ, Marukomu C Ruberie) stands at their head.[ch. 150] An influential member of the Central Office of the Black Order, he was sent by special request of the Vatican to observe and report on the actions of exorcists and their supporters in the wake of the arrival of the Ark.[ch. 137] Rouvelier is a tall man with a toothbrush mustache who possesses a pervading and intimidating aura.[ch. 150][ch. 149] Victory in the war against the Earl is his tantamount concern, and exorcists are little more than the tools needed to win it.[ch. 136] He even forces non-compatible humans to synchronize with Innocence.

Armed with a pair of unfolding blades hidden in his coat sleeves, Link is a highly agile fighter possessing great strength and dexterity, practiced in the use of mystical seals that bind targets, generate vortexes and other techniques.

He is working as Rouvelier's personal Crow and is tasked with winning the 14th Noah's trust so that Rouvelier can use the 14th to help the humans — not the Order nor the Noah — win the war.

Despite being goofy and somewhat of a slacker, he takes the weight of his position seriously and does everything in his power to protect the Exorcists from their enemies both outside and within the Order.

As supervisor, he possesses great authority within the Black Order, collectively commanding the Exorcists and the various branches of the Order, subservient only to the great generals, the Vatican, and certain members of the Central Office.

He is very close to, and painfully protective of, his younger sister, willing to bring great suffering to any and all who direct too much attention toward her or cause her any grief.

She can manipulate her form to change her hands into blade-like weapons or to copy someone's appearance.[ch. 62][ch. 81] She is also capable of communicating telepathically with others.

Although she shows a 'tough-love' attitude toward others, she is a very caring individual.[ch. 80] She helped train Allen to try to get his Innocence to activate.

Nine years ago, she was seen carrying Edgar's body to Twi's after the rampage and was reflecting on Twi's instructions not to protect everyone, as that was what the Research Facility Team wanted.

She is able to 'probe' inside an Exorcist's body with tentacles to touch an Innocence and determine its synchronization rate and hidden potential.[ch. 6] She can use this to determine if an Innocence still has an Accommodator.[ch. 171] Any Innocence recovered from missions is kept in her body, which has 109 holes, one for each Innocence, until an Accommodator is found.[ch. 18] Hevlaska's prophesies are said usually to be correct.[ch. 6] Hevlaska is voiced by Yūko Kaida in Japanese.[43]

Miranda Lotto (ミランダ・ロットー, Miranda Rottō) is a 25-year-old German woman whose clock caused time to rewind in her town after she unknowingly activated the Innocence inside it.[44]

Arystar Krory III (アレイスター・クロウリー三世, Areisutā Kurōrī Sansei) is a 28-year-old Romanian man who was mistakenly identified as a vampire by nearby villagers because his Innocence caused him to instinctively attack people (who were actually Akuma).

This grants him increased strength, speed, and regenerative abilities, as well as the ability to create a mannequin of blood, and harden blood on his fingers until they become claw-like, as seen in the battle against Jasdevi in the Noah's Ark.[ch. 108] He often uses them in a vampire-like fashion, sucking the blood from the Akuma.

Using his regenerative blood, Kanda had accidentally healed Marie's head wound, and dragged him out through an air vent to avoid being experimented on.[ch. 193] Marie sees how Allen and Kanda are similar and that they are 'so deep in darkness' that he has no idea how to pull them out of it.[ch. 135][ch. 87] Having been close to death multiple times, Hoshino designed his younger adult form as a pessimistic person during Kanda's backstory.

He is one of the surviving shipmates after the ship is lost at sea after an Akuma attack.[ch. 77] He is later discovered to be an Accommodator, and he happily becomes an Exorcist under General Tiedoll to avenge those he lost at the hands of the Earl.[ch. 135] He was raised by Anita, a supporter of the Black Order.

He develops an extreme hatred of all Noah and Akuma even after their deaths, going so far as to accuse Allen of being evil for sparing the life of Tyki Mikk.[ch. 123,126] After Allen leaves the Order, he cannot understand why the other Exorcists have trouble accepting Allen's departure and says that he will fight Allen himself.[ch. 207]

His Equipment-type anti-Akuma weapon is called the Arm of Baptism (洗礼ノ腕輪, Āmu Obu Baputesuma) that grants him superhuman strength.[ch. 126,134] It appears as a pair of gloves with buttons on each knuckle and cloth-like extensions at the wrists.[ch. 207] When dormant, it takes the form of two linked bracelets on his left wrist.[ch. 134] Chaoji was voiced by Mamoru Miyanoep.

Timothy Hearst (ティモシー・ハースト, Timoshī Hāsuto) is a nine-year-old orphan who is able to take over the bodies of other people due to a ball found in his forehead.[ch. 174] This ball appeared after his father, a jewel thief, made him swallow a stolen jewel.

He uses his ability to steal treasures from the people and museums of Paris under the moniker 'Phantom Thief G' in an attempt to help fund the orphanage where he lives.[ch. 172][53][ch. 175]

Only Timothy can see the spirit, and the spirit can possess Timothy's body while he is not using it.[ch. 179] Once he leaves the body of the Akuma, the Innocence purifies the body and the body disappears.

Before he left, he used his soccer ball to kick down the doorbell his family used at their shop, saying it was the only thing in that house he was fond of besides his deadbeat father, nagging mother, two annoying brothers, and his crybaby sister.

His body is later seen hung upside down from a lamp post by chains, his arms held out by his sides, so that his body is positioned like an upside-down cross.

Sokaro uses Madness as a powerful close-combat weapon, usually spinning the blades at high speed, creating a massive buzz saw.

The Clan of Noah (ノアの一族, Noa no ichizoku) are thirteen human descendants of the thirteen original Noah, who are reincarnated from generation to generations.[ch. 20,96,187] A Noah can be identified by a gray skin tone, yellow eyes, black hair (with a few exceptions) and a horizontal line of seven cross-shaped stigmata, referred to as holy marks, across their forehead.

they represent the 'Bonds' of Noah.[ch. 98] They possess the power of Materialization (実現), which is used through bullets created by the two when thinking simultaneously, and then shooting them through an identical pair of guns.[ch. 99]Their Materialization skills also allow them to create numerous objects.[ch. 101][ch. 107] By shooting one another, Jasdero and David can merge and become Jasdevi.

Jasdevi's long hair also becomes a weapon and gains new strength from the desire to create 'the strongest imagined body'.[ch. 104] After their fight against Krory, Hoshino redesigned it to show the deep scars the exorcist left.

Three years ago, he 'awoke' as a Noah.[ch. 96] It is mentioned that his Noah's memory controlled him.[ch. 98] He is large in stature and has a consistent gray skin tone, and his holy marks are always visible lining his forehead.

Lulu Bell possesses the ability of 'Form', allowing her to change her body into anything she wishes, including liquids, animals, or the appearance of others.[ch. 138,143] In the anime, she often appears as a cat with a pale stigmata on its forehead.ep.

41 She fails to take the stolen Akuma Egg back from the Order,[ch. 144] and after it is broken during the attempt, she is said to be 'weeping bitterly'.[ch. 158] She briefly reappears with the awakening of Wisely and the subsequent attacks on the Order.[ch. 187] Lulu Bell was voiced by Arisa Ogasawara in Japanese.ep.41 She is voiced by Monica Rial in English.ep.

Beyond a long bandanna wrapped around his forehead, his most distinguishing characteristic is a series of eye-shaped emblems decorating his forehead, the largest of which he refers to as the 'Demon Eye' (魔眼, Magan).

Manipulating the grief of the survivors of the recently deceased, he offers the former a chance to restore their beloveds, presenting the Akuma skeleton as a means of restoring the dead.

they very often kill their prey with a barrage of bullets made from this 'blood', causing the wounded to crumble to pieces as their body is subsumed by black, star-shaped emblems.[65]

All Akuma start off as Level Ones, a simple, spherical machine equipped with an array of cannons, and manifest greater power, intelligence and even specialized abilities as they kill more and more humans, growing more humanoid with each passing level.

While the souls of Akuma survive and move on when destroyed by the Innocence, whenever an Akuma self-destructs or is consumed by another, the soul is consumed by Dark Matter and fades away to nothing.

Skulls are the dehumanized servants of The Millennium Earl, and are the antagonistic counterpart of the Black Order's Science Department, specializing in black magic.[ch. 127] Humanoid in form, they wear bulky robes and possess skeletal heads.

Though they are not seen to fight physically, Skulls are extremely durable, readily taking bullets to the head with little visible effect.[ch. 139] Sunlight seems to vanquish them, as their bodies turn to sand when exposed to it.[ch. 156] Beyond assisting the Earl in producing Akuma cores, they perform a variety of other tasks such as cleaning the Ark and sewing and designing the Earl's clothes, among other forms of manual labor.

Mana Walker (マナ・ウォーカー, Mana Wōkā) is Allen's adoptive father, a traveling clown[ch. 137] who adopted him on Christmas Day.[vol. 1:62] Over time, Allen formed a very strong bond with Mana, though he had initially been annoyed with him.

Mana also taught Allen the 'notes' on the 14th's music score.[ch. 166] According to Cross, Mana began to lose his grip on reality by the time Allen was adopted, undermining Allen's belief that Mana truly loved him, instead of loving the Noah that Allen possessed.

He was the first of his generation of Second Exorcists to awaken and was overjoyed when Yu Kanda also awoke.[ch. 190] Upon learning that as a Second Exorcist he possesses the brain of an Exorcist, a woman who was Kanda's lover in his past life, killed in battle, he kills the scientists working on the project.

It is the guardian of the Heart, the central Innocence whose existence maintains the others, and seems to know what the Heart is 'feeling'.[ch. 202,203] It also refers to itself as the 'Grim Reaper of the Noah' because its body and powers are the polar opposite of those of the Noah.

Because it is the Heart's guardian, the Noah have been searching for the Apocryphos for seven-thousand years because it is known to stay close to the Heart, the Noah's target.[ch. 204] The Apocryphos can appear as a normal human being and is disguised as an unnamed cardinal of the Church visiting the Black Order.

Many of its abilities have a feather-life motif.[ch. 203] It is also very quick and powerful and can easily outmaneuver Crow member Howard Link and Noah Tyki Mikk.[ch. 203,204] The Apocryphos seems to have murdered Cross Marian with the General's own anti-Akuma weapon and later attempts to assimilate Allen Walker.[ch. 208] However, Allen escapes, and the Apocryphos chases him for three months.[68]

Sheena McNeil from the web zine Sequential Tart praised Allen's character design, commenting that his anti-Akuma weapon is 'quite impressive', and his cursed left eye paired and with his white hair make the design 'much more striking'.[87]

Yussif Osman from Japanator highly praised the cast's personalities finding them as some of the deepest characters seen in shonen manga citing both Lavi's backstory as well as the antagonists, the Noah Family.[98]

IGN praised the Earl saying he 'is a menacing villain you'll love to hate' and the supporting cast shows enough potential to hold interest into future volumes.

He also said that because the action scenes are thrown together without a change of pace or mood, the readers never get to know the secondary characters better.[101]

Tom Tonhat of Escapist praised the cast because it inspired multiple cosplaying and praised the Earl's characterization for how he tricked people into reviving others, a theme he found dark.[102]

Additionally, in later arcs Anime News Network writer Anne Lauenroth found the Earl's characterization more intriguing as he was shown in a more sensitive way after failing to find his former comrade, Nea.[104]

Tau (film)

Tau is a 2018 science fiction thriller film directed by Federico D'Alessandro from a screenplay by Noga Landau.

Julia, a young woman in her mid 20s who makes money as a thief in seedy nightclubs, is abducted from her home and wakes up imprisoned in a jail cell with a glowing implant in the back of her neck.

In the face of a two-week deadline, Alex keeps Julia a prisoner in his house and insists that she complete puzzles and cognitive tests.

It is clear that, although intelligent in its own ways, Tau is extremely naive and ignorant of how people feel or the world at large.

Seeing her fingerprint on the tablet, Alex assumes that Tau has slipped up in its cleaning duties and punishes it by erasing code or 'memories' with a button on a small remote, delivering a form of pain to the AI.

When Alex returns later that night from a charity benefit, Julia makes as though to seduce him while he is sitting at the kitchen table, but slashes his stomach.

On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 18% based on 11 reviews with an average rating of 4.8/10.[6]

On Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average rating to reviews, the film has a normalized score of 43 out of 100, based on 5 critics, indicating 'mixed reviews'.[7]

Non-player characters

Non-player characters, commonly abbreviated as NPCs, are characters in the Team Fortress 2 setting that are not one of the nine playable classes.

On his journey over to see his newly purchased land, he was struck with almost every illness known to man, and was shocked to find his new land was an empty and useless desert.

His will also leaves a curse to anyone who should use firearms near his grave, stating that he will deliver a haunting unlike any ever seen.

Any players who stray too close will flee in fear for several seconds, unable to jump or attack, similar to being stunned by the Sandman. He

The ghost of Zepheniah can also be seen watching over the battle at the tower in Helltower, observing as the corpses of his murdered sons Redmond and Blutarch are escorted into Hell by the mercenaries.

After Zepheniah Mann's death, both Blutarch and Redmond hired teams of nine mercenaries each in order to quickly defeat the other sibling and take control of his lands.

However, as their forces were evenly matched, the situation quickly devolved into a protracted stalemate, leading Blutarch and later Redmond to look to Radigan Conagher for a life-extending machine, each hoping to outlive his sibling.

By 1971, however, Blutarch and Redmond are tricked into meeting with each other and quickly decide to declare a truce in order to get one of them pregnant to create a heir.

But Gray Mann enters, revealing himself to be their long lost brother and assassinates both of them to gain control of their respective companies.

Blutarch and Redmond leave and find the nearest pay phone and call their secretaries from their former companies and organize the mercs in order to try and send each other to Hell.

After being raised by his eagle abductor, Gray killed and ate her and her children before crawling back to civilization to build his corporate empire, Gray Gravel Company.

In 1971, Gray resurfaced, revealing that, like his brothers, he possessed a life-extending machine, albeit a more efficient and compact version mounted on his back.

After luring them to a fake meeting using forged letters from each other offering a truce, he assassinated the Engineers operating Redmond and Blutarch's life extending machines, then killed his twin brothers Blutarch and Redmond Mann to take control of their respective companies and absorb them into Gray Gravel Co.

He discovered it empty, and deduced that the Australium had been stolen by the Administrator after finding only a cigarette and a single brick of Australium left behind in the vault.

Before passing away, Gray appeals to Miss Pauling and the mercs, claiming that the Administrator accumulated the Australium to enact a plot far more evil than his, and asks them to stop her.

With the publication of WAR!, Loose Canon, and other content, the Storyline to date suggests a succession of no less than three generations of women, one of whom being the 1968 Administrator, who are presumed to be related because of their shared Mallen Streaks, smoking habits, and influential relationships with the Mann family.

What has been presented in the published content is a line of three middle-aged female characters separated by 40 and 80 years, respectively.

She is the first known ancestor of Helen to be involved in Administrating the RED and BLU teams, and bears a striking resemblance to the current Administrator, possibly hinting at some relation between the two.

In the Loose Canon comic, a mysterious woman that bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth and Helen convinces Radigan to construct a second Life Extender Machine – this one for Blutarch's brother, Redmond – by bribing him with Australium and the story of its powerful effects.

The Administrator's messenger is a mysterious individual hired by the Administrator to deliver messages to the classes via a miniaturized television set.

She performs a number of duties including reporting unusual background checks, ordering and delivery of goods, opening communication channels and murders.

However, he was led to believe he was filming them to show the people of Badlands that they weren't 'just armed psychopaths blowing up all their landmarks on a daily basis'.

Miss Pauling brought the Director out to a mine under the guise that the Administrator was waiting for her interview there, with a bag of quicklime and a shovel secretly tucked away in the bed of her truck.

During a fatal mineshaft collapse, which resulted in the death of fourteen workers, Bilious was able to escape by punching it open, gaining him more fame from the press. During

However, one of the rooms was left as a 'historic storage closet' under the reasoning that the objects left in it were not presently needed, but kept for a future time for when they may be. During

Because it is not clear whether Dr. Hale was the original creator of the Reanimation technology or is the result of Medic's study and perfection of the science (or both), it is also uncertain whether he is an ancestral or current (or both) occupant of Castle Hale.

While Sarif's representatives were looking over the 'contract', Bidwell escaped with a crate full of weapons and later reverse-engineered the stolen weaponry to produce Manno-Technology.

They showcased various new hats and Miscellaneous items in a section of the Manniversary Update and Sale page before being rudely interrupted by Saxton Hale's dilemma of hiding a dead ostrich.

Three days after the end of 'The Gravel Wars' and the death of Blutarch and Redmond Mann, Bidwell is under disguise as a primate violence specialist with Saxton Hale, with the purpose of filming Saxton fight the last-living Yeti.

Bidwell then films Saxton's assault on the Yeti, which Saxton uses as a video instructing the mercenaries on their new job of fighting robots and defending Mann Co.

Under Hale's orders, Mr. Reddy sent the five richest men in America congratulatory bouquets and 'You're a dead man' form letters.

They showcased various new hats and Miscellaneous items in a section of the Manniversary Update and Sale page before being rudely interrupted by Saxton Hale's dilemma of hiding a dead ostrich.

Much like their national hero, Saxton Hale, every man, woman and child in the nation of Australia (with the exception of at least three, the Sniper and his adoptive parents) sports a glorious, full mustache.

This theory seemed to prove true as the element amplified Radigan Conagher's intelligence to phenomenal levels, and also caused various Australian-related side effects including rapid mustache growth, extreme masculinity, and the primal urge to take off his shirt and grow chest hair in the shape of his homeland.

However, as the Australium deposits located in Australia that gave these phenomenal people such capacity declined, mainly due to the intentions of the Administrator, the once proud race are reduced to weaker simpletons.

Unlike his modern Russian counterpart, the Heavy resembled John Henry, preferring to put his enemies out of commission with a monstrous sledgehammer, whilst the Sniper, like Davy Crockett, partnered his trusty rifle with a coonskin cap.

BLU team's Medic, Sigmund Freud, appeared to retain his contemporary's love of the Bonesaw, whilst the team's Engineer, who resembles Nikola Tesla, was forced to make do with a satchel of Blueprints, rather than a PDA.

She is in a romantic relationship with the RED Spy, who lovingly calls her 'ma petit chou-fleur', which roughly means 'my little cauliflower' in French.

The BLU Scout was apparently shocked to learn of this relationship, though his actual feelings on the matter are unknown since he was in fact the RED Spy disguised as the BLU Scout at the time.

Even with her son's multi-million dollar salary and mansion, she still thinks he does not work hard enough, claiming that the Demoman's father would be spinning in his grave at his idleness and had 26 jobs.

Being a dutiful son, the Sniper makes sure to keep in touch with his parents via phone or mail to inquire about their well-being and keep them up to date with his latest adventures and exploits.

In a bid to bring the arguments to an end, the Sniper wrote to his mom asking her to just tell his dad about how he makes more than a doctor and then finally asks her to just tell him that he is a doctor.

In the Team Fortress 2 Comic #4 Blood in the Water, Sniper reveals that his parents passed away six months prior, shortly after Gray's takeover of Mann Co., and learned that the Mundys were not his birth parents.

Upon revival, the Sniper tells the Medic what happened, but the Medic claims that the vision was a hallucination as a result of injecting a blue whale's pineal gland into his brain stem, but the Sniper assures him of what awaits him and declares himself the most dangerous man alive thanks to the encouragement from his parents.

Years prior, Bill-Bel theorized that the Earth would be covered in magma, and he proposed that the country be encased in a glass dome and sunk to the bottom of the ocean to escape danger.

He later proposed to New Zealand's council of leaders to send the country into space, but the council furiously rejects him, pointing out that they are now out of resources due to his original plan and all detest their underwater existence.

In the confusion their toddler son Mun-dee (an infant Sniper) crawls into the rocket, which launches through New Zealand's protective dome, flooding the city and dooming its citizens.

Much to Miss Pauling's horror, Bill-Bel, not understanding the metal's true potential as nuclear energy source and for life extension, used the last cache of Australium stored in New Zealand to paint his prototype escape rockets, all of which exploded save for one.

Upon learning from Sniper that the Earth was not covered in magma (thereby disproving Bill-Bel's theory), Lar-Nah steals the only remaining rocket, successfully escaping into space.

In the final stage of his transformation, it is shown that he had replaced his left hand with a robotic arm and his chest hair had grown into the shape of Texas, similar to Saxton Hale's Australian shaped chest hair.

He also appears more 'Australian' than before, as a large jovial man (in contrast to his previously reserved personality) with a big, bushy mustache and carrying a barrel of BLU Streak beer, a taste shared by his grandson Dell.

In A Cold Day in Hell, the Heavy's family was shown to be living in the Siberian mountains, eating almost exclusively bear meat, where the Heavy had been protecting them from 'the people who hurt [them] before.'

She also begins to learn how to fight along with the Soldier, albeit through his unorthodox (and incorrect) ways - including losing her left hand after attempting to escape from a pair of handcuffs using the 'old dislocating thumb trick', and fighting stark naked while covered in honey.

A wanted poster of him was published after the assassination, including an altered photograph depicting what he may look like after adding Abraham Lincoln's fearsome hat to said tower.

He is notoriously known for his kiss and betrayal of Jesus to the hands of the chief Sanhedrin priests in exchange for a payment of thirty silver coins.

traditional Chinese: 孫武) was an ancient Chinese tactician and philosopher who wrote a book called The Art of War, detailing innovative Chinese strategy in warfare.

While talking to his collection of heads, the Soldier claims that Sun Tzu 'invented [fighting], and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor.'

In Unhappy Returns, it is revealed that five-and-a-half months prior to Tom Jone's death, Scout had converted all his savings into twelve cubic yards of Tom Jones memorabilia, as he was a big fan of his.

In an effort to hide him from Scout (who jokes that Tom Jones is his actual father), Tom Jones is seen receiving another neck snap by an angel, who is then dragged away by several angels while Scout is distracted by God.

Archimedes is last heard cooing from inside the Scout's chest cavity after his surgery leaves the curious bird stuck inside, prompting the RED Medic to turn around and ask 'Archimedes?'

He looks back on the day that the Medic stole that catering van during the prime minister's wedding as the best day of his life.

He is currently the owner and proprietor of Darling Zoos, with a collection of animals that includes such rare species as pygmy rabbits, quaggas, Tasmanian wolves, dodos, giraffes, and sea cows.

He enjoys watching the animals in his zoos suffer, and in the comic A Cold Day in Hell he has animals stand on boxes and stick their head through mounting plates, so he can look at the defeated looks in their eyes, which he finds amusing.

However, not satisfied with humiliating nearly or recently extinct animals, he created Charles Darling's Triassic Preserve to disgrace the great creatures of the past — today!

After players have stayed too long on the ship or are getting too close to him, Davy Jones slams his foot onto the ground, pushing players backwards or into the portal back to land.

He is seen discussing a deal made by the Medic, who had sold his soul to the Devil prior to the events in the comic, but is rebutted by the Medic, who notes that he had surgically added eight more souls to himself (presumably from the rest of his team).

Though sent into a temporary rage due to the Medic's attentiveness to the terms and conditions of his contract, he eventually sends the Medic back for another fifty years after he promises to give the Devil a soul in exchange for a pen on his table.

In the events of The Naked and the Dead, the Scout seemingly passes on after taking on a horde of robots and exhausting himself, and God makes an appearance greeting him in the afterlife.

During Scout's short visit to Heaven, he introduces him to Heaven's three foosball tables, asks for the Scout to flex (reacting with extreme enthusiasm once he does so), and then gets mad at the fact that every woman on Earth had not gotten laid by Scout.

Before sending Scout off, God tells him that 'he wished he was his son', to which Scout responds with 'Tom Jones is my dad' - this leads to a humorous scene where God interrupts his sentence to correct himself, saying that Tom Jones was indeed Scout's father, before the actual deceased Tom Jones walks by and is swiftly given a neck snap by God's angels (in order to hide him from the Scout).

After chewing out the Scout for his ridiculous alibi involving a 'Bombs for the Poor' charity, he convinces the Scout to rat out the Soldier as the mastermind and sentences all three to community service at a Mall Santa booth.

He is then thrilled to watch his father and the Soldier fight each other, right before Old Nick bursts in, announcing his intent to kidnap the children of Teufort to work in his factory.

Once the rocket hit ignition phase, the entire bulk of suitcase bombs detonated simultaneously, causing the rocket to crash, killing Poopy Joe.

The Soldier mentions that Salty Pete once dug a trench that inadvertently killed a good number of their own men, but this story's validity is put into question once the Soldier forgets his name, calling him 'Salsa Pete'.

Despite his powerful grasp of language and the ability to bench press 700 British pounds, several inventions eluded his iron grip – most tragically among them, stairs.

They offered items for sale to the RED Scout and Heavy, specifically a very small looking, yet identical headset for the Scout, and a white, black, and blue Minigun whose bullets add kills to the user's killcount on his blog.

(If the user does not have a blog, the gun is programmed to create one.) They also managed to impress the RED Soldier by instantly cooking a pig with a device plugged through a Firewire port.

Jessica also explained Apple's newest product, the iBlewupthemoon, to Saxton Hale, impressing him and leading him to attempt to purchase the company and being turned down by a mysterious figure that runs the store.

Whitaker, a minor character in Left 4 Dead 2, wrote a blog update on the Official Team Fortress 2 Blog advertising the promotional Ellis' Cap and Frying Pan one can get from purchasing or previously owning Left 4 Dead 2.

It also appears that his existence is outside of Team Fortress 2's canonical storyline as he refers to the war as an 'infernal game called Team Fortress 2'.

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