AI News, Crowdsourced UAV Rescue Squad Gets Put to the Test

Crowdsourced UAV Rescue Squad Gets Put to the Test

I don't know where any of these places are, but my best guess is that there are mountains and lakes and districts, all of which are notorious lost-human magnets.Patterdale Mountain Rescue's job is to go find people who've been lost, but they've got a lot of ground to cover (all of Patterdale Mountain, for heaven's sake), why is why they're experimenting with using swarms of drones as spotter aircraft.

Writing vision algorithms to reliably teach a drone to recognize a human in rough terrain is brain-searingly difficult, so the AeroSee project is instead relying on real brains.

Search and rescue is serious business, but to get people to participate, AeroSee plays a little bit like a game, complete with leader boards for those who check out the most images.

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