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Salesforce hires its first chief ethical and humane use officer following Benioff's criticism of Facebook

'We're at an important inflection point as an industry, and I'm excited to work with this team to chart a path forward,' Goldman said in Salesforce's statement on Monday.

Three months before that, Salesforce put out a press release announcing that the CPB is using Salesforce analytics and cloud products 'to modernize its recruiting process, from hire to retire, and manage border activities and digital engagement with citizens.'

Ahead of the mid-term elections last month, he supported a measure that would force tech companies in San Francisco to pay a hefty tax that would go toward helping the city's homeless population, putting him at odds with other tech leaders like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Facebook AI researcher urges peers to step out into the real world

Facebook AI researcher urges peers to step out into the real world

The game, a simple matter of moving a paddle horizontally to bounce a ball into walls and chip away at them, has become a mainstay of training artificial intelligence.

That was one notion that emerged Wednesday morning in a keynote talk by Joelle Pineau, a scientist with Facebook's AI research unit, at the prestigious NeurIPS conference on machine learning in Montreal.

Those simulations may help make results reproducible, which is good, but they miss a lot of the complexity of the natural world, which may make the work less meaningful, less rigorous, Pineau suggested.

Reinforcement learning technology is about enabling a computer 'agent' to take sequences of actions in an environment, and to figure out a rule for making good choices between the possible actions based on maximizing a reward that the agent receives.

And many researchers are exploring promising avenues for use of reinforcement learning, such as for control systems for 'neuro-stimulation' devices embedded in the body that could help prevent epileptic seizures.

They inserted videos of street scenes into the background of Breakout, and re-trained the reinforcement learning systems with the new, more 'noisy' environment.

That implies there are challenges that emerge when adding noise that can result in more impressive results if the computer can succeed against such adversity.

She showed some images of simulated house interiors, with real-world imagery grafted into the space, right down to strikingly reflective mirrors.

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