AI News, Crawling iCub Is the Robot Baby You Never Wanted

Crawling iCub Is the Robot Baby You Never Wanted

iCub, if you remember, is designed to emulate a three and a half year-old child, although personally I don't know any kids that young who I'd trust with a bow and arrow (or a lit torch).

In addition to these potentially destructive hobbies, and crawling, iCub is intended to explore how human cognition develops, using facial expressions and adaptive learning techniques.

Can a robot REALLY 'bond' with autistic children? Caspar - and 20 other, weirder 'cyber-friends' - invade the Science Museum

More than 20 cutting-edge robots from around Europe will be on display at the Science Museum's Robotville exhibition this week - including a robot designed to help autistic children, and a robot that can (sometimes) catch a ball.

Naturally, many of the robots look like slightly spooky human beings - but other fields of robotics will be represented instead, including 'swarm' robotics, where tiny robots work together, a relatively new idea being pioneered in industry and on the battlefield.