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These 20 Online Course Bundles Are under $20 Each through Cyber Monday

Of the$3.36 billion spent on Cyber Monday last year, the Instant Pot, a DNA test, andthe Amazon Echo were among the most popular purchases, according to aUSA Todaypoll of its readers.

None of those picks were particularly surprising: Instant Pots andancestry testshad beentopping2017 bestseller lists long before the holiday shopping season rolled around, after all, and tech products like the Echo always sell well on the biggest online shopping day of the year.

might sound like an oxymoron, but it's actually a lucrative (and growing) professional field involving information security professionals capable of uncovering bugs, viruses, phishing scams, and other digital attacks.

By the time you've completed this eight-part bundle, you'll be able to use Agile's Scrum framework and the companion software JIRA to successfully manage even the most complex projects.

Great for beginners, this bundle progresses through different difficulty levels of Python assignments with the end goal of teaching you how to build functional apps in the web frameworkDjango 2.

Included are novice-friendly courses on everything from DSLR mechanics to professional-level photo/video composition and retouching, plus a bonus class on drone photography and aerial videography that'll take your camera skills to new heights (literally).

In this nine-part bundle, you'll learn what it takes to increase user satisfaction, solve user problems, and increase a brand's value using your creativity and state-of-the-art design techniques.

Featuring lessons on light effects, fine art compositing, cinematic color grading, portrait photography, and more, this bundle will help you master the editing software's most powerful tools.

The Complete Tableau 10 Data Science Bundle Data visualization has been fine-tuned in the form of Tableau, a user-friendly software program that turns vast quantities of data into easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

This bundle is ideal for those with minimal Tableau experience, as it begins with a very basic introduction to concepts like dashboards and story points, and builds upon them across five classes.

Across six hours of content, this class will cover site architecture, link building, and other SEO best practices that you can harness to boost a site's search engine results page ranking to the coveted first page.

After completing all of its lessons, you won't just know the ins and outs of JavaScript's structures and algorithms, but also understand how to build web apps with Vue.js and Angular, and develop cross-platform mobile apps with React Native.

The best way to launch your career in networking, then, is to enroll in this nine-class bundle that covers all the skills and knowledge you'll ever need as a professional in that field, whether you're tackling the Cisco SWITCH 300-115, 210-605, 200-355, 210-260, 200-105, 100-105, CCNP Routing &

Enter: This bestselling bundle that covers Ruby on Rails, Python, various coding languages, cloud computing, and more, plus an insider look at what it takes to build a social network.

Through his 19-hour guide, you'll learn how to generate blog post ideas, build a brand, and make a functional Amazon Affiliate store with the end goal of earning passive income via customer referrals.