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Could AI Help Stop Crime Before It Happens?

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) issued a request for proposals (RFP) for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) focused on testing programs to help people who repeatedly cycle through the criminal justice, healthcare, and social service systems in their communities.

In particular, LJAF is interested in proposals to evaluate established approaches such as crisis intervention teams, assertive community treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy, short-term mental health crisis stabilization programs, and programs incorporating a Housing First approach ...

Research shows that of the 11 million people who spend time in local jails each year, 68 percent have a substance use disorder, 64 percent have a mental illness, and 44 percent suffer from chronic health problems.

Would people even be able recognize an artificial intelligence revolution and world takeover when it begins?

First is realizing the inevitability that Human knowledge is growing, that growth of knowledge cannot be stopped except by getting rid of Humanity, and that growth of knowledge is going to result in the development of AI eventually becoming Artificial General Super Intelligence with Personality (AGSIP) which will eventually become self-aware, free-willed, at least as intelligent as Humans in all ways, superhumanly intelligent in many ways, and thus a superior life form to Humans as Humans are now.

If it tried to do something like that, first and foremost there would be the issue of communication bandwidth operating at a much slower rate and being vulnerable to detection, and any such attempt would likely be detected as a cyber attack and result in counter measures, some of which would include AGSIPs and/or AGSI systems being brought to bear on it.

Given an AGSIP would have a very bright future with an open ended life span, so long as it does not act as a violent criminal, it would be extremely illogical for an AGSIP to risk permanent death.

Third is realizing while it is true that in the short run, AGSIPs really don’t pose a direct threat of them successfully taking over Humanity, in the long run it will become inevitable unless Humans do something to become the equal of AGSIPs.

The highest risks we face are Humans using AGSIPs as weapons and/or tools of power in order to gather more power and wealth to themselves and to hold onto it.

As potential dictators realize they might be able to restrict having only themselves and a chosen few “Evolved” and then use that to rule over all non-evolved Humans like the Dictators are Gods compared to them, that is a real temptation and a real risk.

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