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DEATH OF AN A.I. • Halo Lore

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Holographic Cortana Appliance

This is a concept Cortana appliance I've built. It's basically what I imagined Microsoft's version of Alexa or Google Home would be like if they were to use the ...

How to Pronounce Cortana Halo 4 Video Game Artificial Intelligence AI

Learn the proper way to say and pronounce the name Cortana in English. Cortana Halo 4 Video Game Artificial Intelligence AI. Pronounce and say English ...

Asking Windows 10 A.I. Cortana "Halo" Questions Related to the Halo series and ITS Cortana!

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Why didn't the Covenant use SMART AI? | Halo Lore

Imagine an Elite Warrior armed with his own version of Cortana... the Human Covenant war would've ended a lot sooner. Alongside the Covenant's ...

Halo Wars Lore - AI Serina

Artificial Intelligence AI Serina known from Halo Wars possesses some rather interesting attributes, and history. Halo Wars 2 Giveaway ...

Halo AI Chip

Windows 10 Cortana From Halo

Cool Halo A.I. on windows 10.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Cortana (Halo)

Cortana has been Master Chief's steadfast companion since we first laid eyes on him back in Halo Combat Evolved. Cortana is as much to thank for saving ...


Housed in the MJOLNIR armor worn by the Master Chief, the Artificial Intelligence know as Cortana (CTN 0452-9) served on the frontlines against the Covenant ...