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World Summit AI | Meet the world’s brightest AI brains | Oct 2019 | Amsterdam

As Global CTO for Sales, Patricia helps define mid and long term technology strategy, representing the needs of the broader Dell EMC ecosystem in strategic initiatives.

Patricia is the creator, author, narrator, and graphical influencer of the educational video series Dell EMC Big Ideas on emerging technologies and trends.

As CTO, Patricia was responsible for defining, and communicating the medium- to long-term vision EMC would embrace for delivering solutions to automate the management of Information Infrastructure resources.

In that capacity, Patricia was responsible for researching emerging technologies and for defining the strategy that Smarts would take in bringing solutions to market to address the challenges introduced by these technological advances.

Founded in 1955, the Columbia Engineering Board of Visitors is approved by the Columbia University Trustees to “advise and assist the Trustees, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Dean in the development of the school.” Patricia is the chairman of the advisory board for the Data Science Graduate Program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where she will advise and assist in the school’s new program.

Connect Health spearheads Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance patient care with Thoughtonomy - Thoughtonomy

Working with dedicated subject matter experts, we are confident that the introduction of “virtual workers” will allow colleagues to have more capacity to focus on the patient, in turn providing a better overall experience.” Thisis the first step in a comprehensive AI programme spanning many years and Connect is

to be working with them.” Contacts: Contacts: Thoughtonomy Daniela Zuin, CMO, Thoughtonomy Email: Tel: 07799 113040 Tom Holland, Tempo PR Email: Contacts: Connect Health Email: About Connect Connect Health is the largest, independent provider of integrated community MSK (musculoskeletal) services (including orthopaedics, pain and rheumatology) in the UK, serving over 330k NHS patients pa across 22 CCGs and 100+ businesses.

Connect effectively and efficiently delivers care in a lower cost community setting, transforming services around specific quality and financial objectives and dramatically reducing waiting times and improving access to treatment.

For more information please visit About Thoughtonomy Thoughtonomy, a Blue Prism company, delivers artificial intelligence (AI) driven intelligent automation platform that enables organizations and the people they employ to do more and achieve more.

A leading provider of intelligent, cloud-based automation, the company’s award-winning Software as a Service (SaaS) platform gives companies access to a pool of cloud based intelligent digital workers that can perform the repetitive, time-intensive tasks that slow people down.

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I talk with Clif High and Paladin about Crypto Currencies and the Future. CLIF HIGH is the originator of the Webbot system now focusing on crypto currencies.

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