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AAAI 2019 Conference | Thirty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The purpose of the AAAI conference is to promote research in artificial intelligence (AI) and scientific exchange among AI researchers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers in affiliated disciplines.

AAAI-19 will have a diverse technical track, student abstracts, poster sessions, invited speakers, tutorials, workshops, and exhibit and competition programs, all selected according to the highest reviewing standards.

Explore the rich history of the Islands at one of the many museums or historical sites, take a hike in a lush tropical forest, or admire the unparalleled views from the conference site.

Artificial Intelligence Platform (PFIA), July 1-5 2019, Toulouse

The objective of the Plate-Forme Intelligence Artificielle, or Artificial Intelligence Platform (PFIA), is to gather researchers, companies and students for a number of conferences and workshops focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Past editions took place in Nancy (2018), Caen (2017), Rennes (2015), Lille (2013), Chambéry (2011), Hammamet (2009), Grenoble (2007), Nice (2005), Laval (2003), Grenoble (2001), and Palaiseau (1999).

The AI Platform is a unique and friendly meeting place for the AI community, enabling the different fields of AI to get closer and fostering the creation of bridges among them.

Artificial Intelligence - Annual Meeting 2018 | Documentary (Advexon) #Advexon

About conference Hear, Explore and learn the latest research. Present before distinguished global audience. Collaborate, build partnerships and experience ...

Superintelligence: Science or Fiction? | Elon Musk & Other Great Minds

Elon Musk, Stuart Russell, Ray Kurzweil, Demis Hassabis, Sam Harris, Nick Bostrom, David Chalmers, Bart Selman, and Jaan Tallinn discuss with Max Tegmark ...

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Biotech & Healthcare Tech

Mega Announcement by BioTecNika By 2025, Artificial intelligence systems could be involved in everything from population ..

Artificial intelligence: dream or nightmare? | Stefan Wess | TEDxZurich

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a huge dream and vision for all mankind, ...

Artificial Intelligence: What, Why, How? | Abi Aryan | TEDxNSIT

What does it mean for something to be Artificially Intelligent? Abi Aryan is the Chief Business Development Officer at Coinsecure - India's leading Bitcoin ...

How AI Startups Must Compete with Google | Dr Fei-Fei Li (Google Cloud) & Mike Abbott (KPCB)


GOTO 2018 • On the Road to Artificial General Intelligence • Danny Lange

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2018. #gotocon #gotocph Danny Lange - VP of AI and ML at Unity Technologies and ..

2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Artificial Intelligence

Isaac Asimov's famous Three Laws of Robotics might be seen as early safeguards for our reliance on artificial intelligence, but as Alexa guides our homes and ...

Pastor Billy Crone at Jan Markell’s “Understanding the Times 2018”

Billy Crone focuses on today's technology, the advancement of artificial intelligence, and how all of this will be implemented in the Antichrist's administration ...