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Future of Education Technology Conference | FETC

Conference has gathered the most dynamic and creative education professionals from around the world for an intensive, highly collaborative exploration of new technologies, best practices and pressing issues.

Conference features industry experts and unrivaled agenda content, an Expo Hall filled with the latest and greatest solutions, and a community of thousands eager to network with like-minded peers.

School and district administrators, classroom teachers, IT professionals, special education directors, curriculum and media specialists, and other educators with roles or interest in ed tech, attend FETC®

From Explainable AI to Human-centered AI | Andreas Holzinger | TEDxMedUniGraz

From Explainable AI to Human-centered AI Andreas Holzinger is currently Visiting Professor for explainable Artificial Intelligence at the Alberta Machine ...

Paris Game AI Conference 2010

Небольшое видео с Парижской конференции по искусственному интеллекту в играх.

#VoCo. Adobe Audio Manipulator Sneak Peak with Jordan Peele | Adobe Creative Cloud

Visit Adobe Creative Cloud for more information: #VoCo is an audio manipulator that allows you to change words in a ..

Valuetainment Vault Conference Day 1, We got the play book!!!

Today I actually met Patrick Bet-David. Join us as I walk you through a few keep points to some of the bullets in the Playbook!

1st International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating 2015

On 25-26 August 2015, the 4DH Research Centre hosted the International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating with 190 ...

An AI Pattern Language: Accounting for Human Factors & Human Frames

How are those who design, deploy and manage AI systems currently reconfiguring the dimensions of human-machine cooperation? As part of Data & Society's ...

José Esparza Chong Cuy, “Building Cycles”

This lecture will look into the life cycle of exhibitions, institutions, and buildings through a selection of projects Esparza Chong Cuy has been involved in over the ...

Gross National Happiness Conference Panel One: How do you govern for Happiness?

How do you measure and govern for happiness? Harvard Divinity School hosted an international conference on April 13, 2019, inspired by the Gross National ...

Using Robotics as a Tool for Problem Solving in Ghana - Codeland 2018

Sedinam uses robotics as an educational tool to provide practical hands-on exposure to STEM and tangible problem solving skills to women in the Central ...