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Major in Computer Science

In today’s technology-fueled world, skilled computer scientists are in great demand.

Whether you’re planning a career in software engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, scientific programming or another tech field, a computer science major from Elmhurst College will prepare you to succeed.

It is also highly recommended that a student majoring in computer science take IS 423, MTH 152, MTH 251 and two introductory courses in the natural sciences.

The following sample course sequence can be used as a guide in the selection of courses for the major in computer science, but your actual coursework may vary.

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Purdue announces plans to build new data science building Purdue University will build a new $40 million facility dedicated to Data Science, designed to help the university meet its goal to be a national and global leader in the field of data science research and education for all students.

Elevation to IEEE Fellow is the organization’s highest grade of membership and is recognized by the technical community as a prestigious honor and important career achievement.

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