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Example: Breadth First Search (BFS) Time Complexity

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Space and Time Complexity of an Algorithm

Space and Time Complexity of an Algorithm Watch More Videos at: Lecture By: Mr. Arnab Chakraborty, ..

What Makes Good AI? | Game Maker's Toolkit

When we talk about good AI, we often think about highly efficient and aggressive enemies in shooters like FEAR and Halo. But surely there's more to good ...

The Future of Human Civilization - Cyborgs, AI & The Posthuman Era - Prof. Martin Rees

"Here on Earth, I suspect that we are going to want to regulate the application of genetic modification and cyborg techniques on grounds of ethics and prudence.

The Adaptive Network - Mastering Complexity

Every minute, thousands of devices are connecting to your network. Phones. TVs. Smart watches. Electronic tattoos? Probably. At Ciena, we don't fear ...

AI vs. Human: The Greatest Go Tournament Ever

Google's 'AlphaGo' and the world's top ranked Go player go head-to-head in a battle to decide whether or not an AI can be programmed to win a game as ...

Why is P vs NP Important?

In this video, I explain perhaps the most famous problem in all of Computer Science. Does P = NP? I define the terms and give examples of each. We also ...

Red Ice Radio - Jim Gardner - Pt 1 - Intelligent Universe, Bio-Cosm, ET, AI and Evolution

We talk about "The Intelligent Universe: AI, ET and the Emerging Mind of the Cosmos" and "Bio-Cosm" with author Jim Gardner. James N. Gardner is a widely ...


The implications and promises of artificial intelligence (AI) are unimaginable. Already, the now ubiquitous functions of AI have changed our lives ...

5. Search: Optimal, Branch and Bound, A*

MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010 View the complete course: Instructor: Patrick Winston This lecture covers strategies for ..