AI News, Combining Vision Technology and Cobots for Safer Work Environments

Combining Vision Technology and Cobots for Safer Work Environments

Manufacturers place demands on collaborative robots (cobots) to be faster and more powerful every year.

Some may think simply adding fencing can make a cobot safer, but there’s an alternative that often works better.

Due to safety, if a work cell is fenced-in and designed so a robot needs to be shut down before a person can enter, it is possible a human worker will try to bypass the safety mechanism instead of interrupting the cobot’s work.

Many fenced-in cobot systems still have force and speed limitations as additional safety precautions.

Instead, separation monitoring and advanced vision technology could allow the increase of a collaborative robot’s capabilities.

And since cobots could work faster with more force, production cycles could be improved as heavier loads could be moved and manipulated quicker.

A statistical approach to safety would program a robot to assess, “there is a 78% chance this human will be injured if action isn’t taken.”

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