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How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution | Kevin Kelly

"The actual path of a raindrop as it goes down the valley is unpredictable, but the general direction is inevitable," says digital visionary Kevin Kelly -- and ...

Artificial Cognification: In the Future Everything Will Be Smart | Kevin Kelly

If an object has a battery in it or a plug at the end of it, it won't be long before that item is intelligent – although Kevin Kelly, the founder editor of WIRED, ...

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Kevin Kelly Talks Artificial Intelligence and his book "The Inevitable"

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John Crawford: Artificial intelligence will augment healthcare work

The Healthcare Industry Leader at IBM Europe, presented “Transforming Healthcare with cognitive computing” at the event, Transforming healthcare – health ...

Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers by former Yahoo! PM

Data Analytics Event in Silicon Valley about Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers. Subscribe here: Follow us on Twitter: ..

Artificial Intelligence & the Uncertain Future of Cyber Warfare w. WIRED’s Kevin Kelly

Artificial Intelligence & the Uncertain Future of Cyber Warfare w. WIRED's Kevin Kelly SHOWNOTES: ...

Daniel Dennett: Why robots won't rule the world - Viewsnight

Viewsnight is BBC Newsnight's place for ideas and opinion. Here, philosopher Daniel Dennett argues people overestimate the potential of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence: The next wave of disruption?

Rudina Seseri, Founder and Managing Partner, Glasswing Venture discusses artificial intelligence and how it will disrupt the tech industry. SuperReturn Live: ...

Kevin Kelly: The Future of Work in an AI World

"I think there's a legitimate concern about Artificial Intelligence. I think there's going to be a disruption in our patterns of work." Kevin Kelly, technologist, futurist, ...