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Northeastern Illinois University launches Job-focused Online Bootcamp Programs with QuickStart

More and more data are being created online each day in the health care sector, government and other companies, which if compromised could have fatal implications, this translates to numerous employment opportunities in various industries and businesses for the security experts.

Therefore, we prepare a cybersecurity bootcamp training which covers relevant skillsets and certifications that can help individuals safeguarding the industry while pursuing a lucrative tech career.

Northeastern Illinois University conducts a new cohort after every 6 weeks, to learn more and enroll in the cybersecurity Bootcamp, follow this link: Program 2: Data Science Bootcamp The 26-week non-credit program starts from the basics of Data Querying, Data Analysis and Visualization which will be advanced towards the learning of Big Data specifics for making data-driven business decisions.

The actual annual pay depends on multiple factors, including employer, skills, experience, location, industry, and job duties.” The rising demand for data experts results in high and competitive starting and continuing salaries.

We conduct a new cohort after every 6 weeks, to learn more and enroll in the Bootcamp: Program 3: Web Development Bootcamp If you’re also one of the candidates who want to earn a web developer skillset but are still confused about the scope of web development in 2019 and beyond, you need to know that the web development industry is flourishing and improving day by day.

From development to design and from marketing to driving out content strategies, the world of a web developer isn’t ending, but it’s emerging in various creative forms.

These new web trends are compelling, and they are indicating you to purge out the outdated ones and look forward to new ones.” In fact, the demand for web developer jobs will grow by 13% from 2016 to 2026, as extracted from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S.) report.

Considering the demand of data analysis and visualization, Northeastern Illinois University’s Office of Community and Professional Education (CAPE), in collaboration with QuickStart launches a 16-week immersive non-credit bootcamp program through which the individuals can update themselves on the relevant tools to use.

According to the “average salary for a data expert is $57,261 to 75,850 per year.” There are some factors that affect the salary, including educational level, years of experience, certifications, and involvement in professional organizations.

Through two decades of data analysis and research, we have learned that a contemporary student opts to learn through multiple modalities such as virtual instructor-led training, self-paced online learning, on-the-job training, hands-on and implementation experience through mentoring, labs, and social and peer-to-peer learning.

Remembering the Man Who Barcoded the World: A Tribute to George J. Laurer

The barcode powers everything from shopping to dining out and healthcare and even the logistics of delivering your many online orders to the right place at the right time (and tracking them along the way).

We at Zebra are especially grateful for George’s innovative thinking and persistence.It is because of George that Zebra was founded 50 years ago and why we are still here today, helping customers around the world in every industry make a mark on society via barcode-based solutions.

Cashiers can still use multi-plane, fixed grocery scanners to read barcodes, and store clerks can also be more mobile and offer scanning facilities throughout the store with handheld scanning devices.

It is transitioning from the traditional 1D barcode made up of lines and spaces and moving to 2D barcodes made up of many small, individual dots in square shapes and scanners to embed additional data.

(As part of this shift, Schnucks is also deploying Zebra data capture, mobile computing and printing solutions to increase store associate productivity and improve the customer experience, which you can read about here.) New barcodes, produced by U.S. company Digimarc, cover the entire packaging of the product, making the struggle to scan an item a thing of the past.

This personal shopping capability allows customers to scan barcodes independently and also tracks their in-store location, offering them discounts based on previous purchases, directing them to their favorite items and even alerting them of potential harmful allergy risks in certain items.

By using barcode-enabled technology such as handheldand wearable scanners, warehouse staff can pick, pack, locate, maneuver, store and ship items more efficiently and effectively.

With rugged handheld mobile computers, scanners or tabletsin hand, field-based team members are able to scan barcoded goods as they change hands to allow for delivery and collection tracking.

Instead of using paper and pen to manually document treatment, barcodes and scanners can be implemented along with a patient identity management solution to accurately and quickly match patients to their records, medication and treatments.

To help fight the continuing rise in counterfeiting and counteract the illicit tobacco trade, the European Union (alongside other independent states) has ratified the Tobacco Products Directive, which enforces new obligations throughout the entire tobacco supply chain, significantly changing how it currently operates.

As of May 19, 2019, the law requires everyone involved in the manufacture and distribution of tobacco products to implement measures such as security features and traceability systems to achieve compliance across their supply chains.

Its journey is not even a century old and we have seen such innovative and life-saving developments that its value will only increase, being critical to the success of global industries and re-writing the future in lines, small squares, radio frequencies and much more.

Coding Bootcamps with Job Guarantees

There are many reasons to attend a coding bootcamp, but the number one reason we hear from students is undoubtedly to land a job.

Although most bootcamps are motivated to help their students land jobs after graduation, some are so driven by student success that they actually offer a job guarantee.

Our comprehensive list includes both online and in-person, full-time, immersive programs that offer their students a guaranteed job after graduation.

We have found three main categories that fall under the job guarantee umbrella: Note: Job guarantees typically come with conditions and are often paired with a lengthy, detailed contract.

Schools may require a certain number of weekly job applications, require you to accept any and every job offer, or include internships and unpaid positions as part of their fulfillment.

Our list below includes programs like Bloc, an online program that guarantees a job within 180 days or your money back, and Codeup which promises a job offer within six months of graduation or a guaranteed 50% tuition reimbursement.

This job should be a paid full-time job of 35 hours or more per week or multiple part-time offers that make up 35 hours per week.

Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam Subjects: Algorithms, AWS, Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, R Programming, SQL Business Intelligence, Statistics & Probability Type of job guarantee: 50% down, 50% deferred The fine print: Students pay 50% tuition upfront, and 50% once they get a job.

San Antonio Subjects: Javascript, Linux, MySQL, PHP Type of job guarantee: 50% tuition refund The fine print: Graduates are guaranteed a job offer within six months of graduation or receive 50% refund on tuition $800 |

They will refund your tuition if: 1.) ou complete their entire full-time program without repeating and participate fully in their Career Services recommendations, and 2.) You do not get a job within six months of graduation.

Montreal Subjects: Javascript Type of job guarantee: Full tuition refund The fine print: Graduates are guaranteed a job within six months of graduation or receive a full tuition reimbursement Free |

Online Subjects: AngularJS, CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, React.js, Ruby on Rails, UI Design, UX, UX Design, UX Testing Type of job guarantee: Full tuition refund The fine print: Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee if students do not get a paying job in the industry within 180 days of graduating.

The Fine Print: Through Venmo Education, Holberton School charges students no upfront costs while they are enrolled in the 2-year program and only begins to collect payments once the student completes the program and begins working.

The Fine Print: App Academy offers a variety of deferred tuition programs including $9000 down and $14000 after job placement for a total of $23000 or $5000 down and $23000 after job placement for a total of $28000.

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