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Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence for B2B Sales and Marketing

To transform this data into actions, those companies are using machine learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and other programming techniques under the banner of artificial intelligence.

Effective use of big data and data science is far more predictive of financial viability than many traditional balance sheet and operating income line items.

Whether your company is researching a cure for a disease, trying to improve education, or developing ways to make the world a cleaner or safer place, there are businesses who can help your company do it better, faster, and cheaper.

In that time, marketing teams have embraced social media, content marketing, account-based marketing, marketing automation, retargeting, sales and marketing alignment, programmatic advertising, attribution models, and funnel metrics.

For its part, sales has adopted CRM, inside sales models, sales cadence software, social selling, lead enrichment, calendaring tools, virtual meeting tools, and contract automation tools.

For marketers, great sources of content include HubSpot, Rand Fishkin (founder of SparkToro), Neil Patel (co-founder of Neil Patel Digital), Avinash Kaushik (an evangelist at Google), SiriusDecisions, Tim Riesterer and Erik Peterson at Corporate Visions, Clayton Christensen (Professor at Harvard Business School), Joe Pulizzi (founder of the Content Marketing Institute), Brian Solis (Principal Analyst at Altimeter), Jay Baer (Convince and Convert), David Meerman Scott (speaker, author), David Lewis (CEO of DemandGen), Mark Shaefer (consultant, author), Matt Heinz (the CEO of Heinz Marketing), Forrester Research, and Seth Godin (founder of altMBA, author, and more).

The same is true for sales: Jill Konrath (speaker, author), Mahan Khalsa (Thought Leader at FranklinCovey, author), Randy Illig (Global Practice Leader at FranklinCovey, author), Barry Trailer and Jim Dickie (co-founders of CSO Insights), Trish Bertuzzi (CEO of The Bridge Group, Inc.), Jeff Thull (CEO of Prime Resource Group, author), Anneke Seley (founder and CEO of Reality Works Group, author), Jill Rowley (Chief Growth Officer at Marketo, Daniel Pink (author), Jeb Blount (CEO at SalesGravy, speaker, author), Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon (co-authors of The Challenger Sale, Matthew is also Chief Product &

For example, this benchmark report from WordStream includes conversion benchmarks for B2B companies doing paid search and display ads, stats based on 14,197 US WordStream customers: Click-Through Rate (CTR)—the percentage of users who clicked on a paid search ad—2.41%.

The best companies also have a dedicated team of inside sales people who just follow up and qualify scored marketing leads and then set up meetings for sales people.

If you multiply the sales budget by the 20% figure allocated by sales to prospecting, the dollar figure often surpasses the entire marketing budget.

Time spent looking for prospecting robs sales teams of revenue capacity, so the problem of lead conversion has significant lost-revenue implications.

When you break out the prospecting function to a dedicated team who qualifies marketing leads and prospects on behalf of sales people, the conversion rate picture doesn’t get that much better.

In this report by The Bridge Group, reps make an average of 45 dials per day, 9.1 attempts to reach a prospect, and have 5.1 quality conversations per day.

For teams delivering meetings, that activity level results in 21 meetings set per month, with 11 converting into opportunities.

For teams providing sales reps with opportunities (i.e., which are more qualified than meetings), the monthly average was 15 per month, with 10 converting.

That’s 900 phone calls to get 10 to 11 sales opportunities each month, per rep. Even with these incredibly low conversion rates, some of the B2B customers are not profitable, leave early, complain in social media forums and review sites, and make life miserable for front line employees.

Just so you know that the problem doesn’t just exist in old-school industries like heavy manufacturing and wholesaling, let’s peek at those darlings of innovation, the SaaS industry.

In this study by SaaS Capital, the percent of revenue allocated to functions like engineering, cost of goods, general and administrative, and customer support/success declines as a company grows, not sales and marketing.

What if these low conversion rates have more to do with the customer situation than your message, your sales and marketing channels, your brand recall, your sales skills, or your sales and marketing technologies?

What are the processes to assure better lead generation using the campaign services?

As a business owner, one must understand that lead generation is a task of paramount importance that can help business to strengthen its customer base.

In this article, we will discuss various marketing campaigns that most of the lead generation companies UK incorporate in order to generate ample leads in the most cost-effective ways.

Top marketing campaigns Marketing and advertising are the most important aspects for any business as these are extremely helpful in grabbing the attention of audiences towards a certain product or service.

Let’s see what campaigns are mostly used by lead generation companies UK- Social media marketing Social media marketing is considered one of the cheapest forms of marketing and advertising.

To ascertain that your social media is getting you the best leads and a quality audience, you must ensure that you have chosen the correct social media channel.

For example- LinkedIn is known as one of the best channels for B2B marketers as it gets you the exact kind of lead you want and gets you connected with the professionals from similar field and profession.

In a broader sense, each and every email sent to a potential customer either for advertisement, requesting business, creating brand awareness, building trust and loyalty or soliciting sales and donation, could be considered as email marketing.

A good SEO is able to show you your actual position where you stand in the crowd of numerous digital marketers and manifests a strategic approach towards improving your website and its ranking.

CMO Insights: David Green, Director of Marketing for LeadCrunch

In this episode Jeff Pedowitz talks with David Green, Director of Marketing for LeadCrunch. As a company that uses artificial intelligence, David shares not only ...